Special Board Resolution Format For Increasing Paid Up Share Capital Limit

Sample Template Example of Special Board Resolution of a Private Company under Extra Ordinary General Meeting for Enhancement of Share Paid Up Capital & Credit Limit in India in word / doc / pfd free download

54, M G ROAD,
DELHI – 640 120

Certified true copy of the Special Resolution passed at Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the members held at the Registered Office of the company on 16th June, 2019.

RESOLVED THAT pursuant to the provisions of Section 372A and other applicable provisions, if any, of the Companies Act, 1956, including any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof, for the time being in force, consent of the Company be and is hereby accorded to the Board of Directors of the Company ( hereinafter referred to as “the Board” ) to make any loan, to give guarantee, to provide security, to mortgage / hypothecate, to create charges on immovable or moveable properties, present or future, in connection with loans and / or facilities to be made / provided individually or jointly by any Bank, Institution, Mutual Fund, Insurance Company or Body Corporate registered in India or in foreign country, to the Company or any other body corporate, whether Indian Company or foreign company, whether holding or subsidiary or associate or the company or not, or whether such loans or facilities are made or provided in the form of working capital facilities or term loans ( in rupee or foreign currency )or for investment purposes of the Company or body corporate.

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Chartered Accountant Certificate Format For Credit Limit Enhancement

Sample template of CA certificate for verifying Indian share holders guarantee is sufficient for increase credit limit of a foreign company under Fema section 372A in word / doc / pfd free download 

Neetu Singh & Co                                                                 45/5 N S Road
Chartered Accountants                                                        12 Khhamba Road
                                                                                                New Delhi – 4101214


The Board of Directors of M/s Anik Ghee Limited in its meeting held on 15th June’2019 has authorized to extend a guarantee in favour of ABC NBF Group and Birla Fund Limited (on a joint and several basis) along with., Shobha Developers Pvt. Ltd., Sachin Metals (New Delhi) Pvt. Ltd., Raja Properties & Finance Pvt. Ltd. and upto US$ 50 million in respect of a loan facility to be granted to Stone Cold Pte Ltd., Singapore.

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Legal Notice Format for Trademark & Brand Infringement

Sample Template Example of Professional Legal Notice Email / Letter for Trademark & Brand Violation / Breach / Misuse  in India & All Across the Globe in word / doc / pfd free download

To Whom It May Concern

It has come to our attention that you have registered StabNetstar.com (the "Domain Name").  You are currently operating a website (the "Website") at that location and, as of the date of this letter, you are using the famous and distinctive StabNet trademark in connection with the domain name and website without StabNet Inc.'s authorization.

StabNet Inc. is the owner of numerous federal trademark registrations for our StabNet mark (the "Mark"), including, US Registration No. 1234567, registered on Dec. 12, 2003 and US Registration No. 1234568, registered on May 08, 2004 The StabNet mark is well known among the consuming public and embodies substantial and valuable goodwill.  As such, the Mark is a valuable asset, and its protection is very important to StabNet Inc.
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