Receipt of Material Process

Procedure for Material Receipt

Receipt of Material

All materials are received against a valid Purchase Order or against Returnable Gate Pass.

The above requirement of Purchase Order is not a prerequisite for miscellaneous items (consumables, stationery and like items) of low value not exceeding Rs. 5000 and not related to production activity or spares parts.

All material received is physically counted/weighted and matched with the Purchase Order and vendor invoice/challan. Any variance is mentioned on the vendor invoice/challan and acknowledged by the transporters.

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Complaint Letter Writing

Sample Template Example Complaint Letter Tips on Topics like Poor Transport Service & Rough Material Handling to Transport Manager / Company in India in word/ .doc Format

March 18, 2014

M/s Transport Corpn. of India Ltd.
14/1 JBLN Road
Nariman Point
New Delhi-125 521

Dear Sirs,

It has been observed that in spite of several follow up from our side to avoid transit damage such as scratch on our Ply Boards, still the same has not been looked after from your side seriously.

Due to negligence on the part of your employees at transshipment point at the time of unloading and loading of our boards, we suffer huge loss on account of damages and scratches.

We are narrating below the same for your better understanding:
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CA Certificate For Loan Purpose

Sample Template For Chartered Accountant Certificate for term loan due diligence for a Foreign Company under Foreign Exchange Regulations in Word Format

Neetu & Co                                                                            4/1 N S Road
Chartered Accountants                                                        Kalvinar Nagar
                                                                                                Kolkata – 450 122


The Board of Directors of M/s ABC Traders Pvt. Ltd. in its meeting held on 25th June’2019 has authorized to extend a guarantee in favour of ABC Capital Group and XYZ Capital Master Fund Limited (on a joint and several basis) along with., Shobha Developers Pvt. Ltd., KNG Resorts Limited, Anup Enterprises (New Delhi) and International India Limited upto US$ 50 million in respect of a loan facility to be granted to Rockstar Pte Ltd., Singapore.
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