Articles of Association Format in Word Free Download

Sample Template Example of Beautiful Excellent Professional Article of Association & Memorandum of Association Draft Format For a Private Company / Public Company with Terms & Conditions For Preliminary, Share Capital, Shares & Certificates, Joint Holders of Shares, Calls, Lien, Forfeiture, Transfer, Transmission, Capital Alteration, Borrowing Powers, General Meeting, Votes of Members, Proxies, Powers & Duties of Directors, Accounts & Audit, Capitalization of Reserves, Minutes of Meeting, The Seal, Indemnity, Winding Up & Secrecy in India in Word / Doc / Pdf Free Download







1.                  a) The reference herein to ‘The Act’ are to the Companies 1956 (Act No.1 of 1956), as amended thereto, from time to time.

b) The headings are given for convenience and shall not affect the construction of these articles.

2.         The Regulations contained in Table ‘A’ in Schedule 1 to the Act as amended from time to time in so far as they are applicable to a private limited company and so far as they are not modified or altered by Articles hereinafter provided, shall apply to this Company.
3.         Unless the context otherwise requires, words or expressions contained in the articles shall bear the same meaning as in the act or any statutory modification thereof and in these articles:

“Articles” means these Articles of Association or as altered and modified from time to time in accordance to law.
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High Court Application Format in Word Free Download

Sample Template Example of Beautiful Excellent Professional High Court Partition Draft Application Format in India with Affidavit & Certificate in Word / Doc / Pdf Free Download

MISC CASE NO.12302 OF 2017
(Arising out of W.P.(C) no.7987 of 2017)

In the matter of:-           An application under chapter VI, Rule 27 of the Bihar High Court Rules  

In the matter of:            An application for appropriate order for restoration of order dt.16.05.2017 of this Hon’ble Court in the even to return of notices without service upon opp. parties no.1, 2 & 3 which were dispatched at their Regd. office address as mentioned in S.P.A. which implies their abandonment and the Opp. Party No.4 had already submitted its inability for their appearance.
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Corporate Guarantee Format in Word in India

Sample Template Example of Beautiful Excellent Professional Draft Corporate Guarantee Letter with Board Resolution with Stamp Duty with Invocation Terms & Condition for Advance Payment, Performance, Loan & Finance for Banks, NBFC & Companies with Guarantor Declaration in Word / Doc / Pdf Free Download


The Manager                                                                        
Kamal Traders Ltd.                                                              
Chandigar- 160019                                                               

Sir / Madam,

Sub: - Corporate Guarantee with respect the loan applied by/ continue the existing loan / granting additional loan facility granted to Arpita Apperal Pvt. Ltd (Borrower(s)) for an amount not exceeding Rs. 29 Crores (Rupees Twenty Nine Crores Only)

I understand that the above named Borrower(s) has/have applied for a loan/continuation of existing loan from Kamal Traders Limited and as a Corporate Guarantor qua the above stated loan facility along-with unpaid interest and other charges, if any, I hereby furnish with Globe Fincap Limited the necessary information regarding Surajit Commercial Limited  (Name of Corporate Guarantor) and myself being Authorized Signatory of Corporate Guarantor:-
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