Declaration Form Format for Fire NOC For Loan

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Declaration Form Format for Fire NOC For Loan 

Declaration Form by the Borrower on Fire Safety Measures 

Date: ________                    

Name of the company: ____________________ Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose for which loan is taken: Business Expansion






_________________ Pvt. Ltd.has applied / received a loan of INR/- from Stabnet Finvest Limited on ____/____/2025 (dd/mm/yy)

_____________ Pvt. Ltd.declares that utilization of the loan received from Stabnet Finvest Limited, for the said purpose     _____________________ Pvt. Ltd. will ensure compliance to the following screening procedure:

a.       All necessary arrangement will be done to mitigate fire incident and safety of workers including adequate fire safety equipment like fire extinguishers, water hydrants, sand buckets, etc. will be deployed at business premises and will be dually maintained at all times.


b.       Corrective action will be taken on the gaps suggested by Stabnet Team to cover fire safety.


In the event of default, in compliance with respect to the above mentioned conditions, Stabnet Finvest Limited reserves the right to recall the loan amount from ____________ Pvt. Ltd

Name of the company: ___________________ Pvt. Ltd                                  




Signature:        __________________________                                                 


Name of the authorized Signatory: ______________



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