Legal Notice for Infringement of Trademark in Word

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Amir Khan

45/2 A J C Raod

Bachhrawan, Raebareli

Pincode - 229001

Uttar Pradesh, India


Sub- Cancellation or withdrawal of the brand name “MRFY” and “MRFI”


Dear Sir,

Under compelling circumstances we are constrained to invite your kind attention to the following:-

That our name has become synonymous, in the tire industry ever since we acquired the rights to use the brand name “MRF” in India, which is one of the world's first manufacturers of high performance tires. Its history dates back to over a century & the same is being reflected in each and every tire which is being manufactured by the company. After registering ourselves as the rightful user to use the brand name, we have strived to reach the paramount level of recognition and have also made the name familiar in every corner of our country.


Recently, it was brought to our knowledge, that, you, with malafide and dishonest motive, have intentionally registered a name “MRFY” which is identical with the name “MRF”. You have also registered another brand by the name of “MRFI” which also is identical with the name “MRF”. We are aggrieved by the registration of the impugned mark which is deceptively similar with our well known trade mark “MRF”. The adoption of the impugned mark, by you, shows your dishonest and malafide intention of tarnishing not only our reputation, but also to create a fake product bearing the same name. You have not only adopted the brand name, but have also adopted the similar and identical packaging which is being used by us in packaging our products. Furthermore, you have also used similar fonts, colours and design which are being used by us in packaging our products in order to confuse the consumers to buy fake products. All these acts coupled with dishonest motive makes it clear that you have intentionally made the same and identical marks, in order to cause loss to our business and also to break the trust, which the consumers have upon our products or particularly in the brand name “MRF”.

This malafide acts of yours, not only jeopardized our reputation but also have created a wide spread confusion in the minds of the consumers, who are in a dilemma while deciding between a genuine and a fake product. We have experienced a downfall in our sale of “MRF” products ever since you launched your products by the name of “MRFY” and “MRFI”. Your malafide acts have caused a huge slowdown in our supply chain and which in turn have caused us huge business loss and the same is still continuing.

Therefore, in view of the above, you are requested to forthwith withdraw your registration or apply for cancellation of your registration forthwith, failing which we shall be left with no other alternative but to initiate appropriate legal action against you.



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