Affidavit Format for Yearly Income and Income Tax Declaration

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I, Satish Ghosh Son of Mr. Prem Ghosh resident of 18 no N S Road, Park lane street, Kolkata, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:


1.        That I worked as Senior Executive with Stabnet Private Limited in India at a monthly salary of Rs.15,20,000 per annum during the financial year 2026 -2027 having my Employee No. 12345 NI No. SK9876543210.


2.        That during the financial year 2026-2027, I was paid a total net salary of Rs_________ which was duly Credited to my __________ bank account with __________ Bank after deduction of Tax and National Insurance (NIC).


3.        That a sum of Rs. 1,37,992 was deducted towards tax and a sum of Rs. 13,165.87 was deducted towards National Insurance (NIC) from my salary during the financial year 2026-2027.


4.        That I have shown my income and deductions made in my return filed for the assessment year 2027-2028.




I, the above named deponent, do hereby verify that the contents made in paragraphs no.1 to 4 are true and correct to my knowledge belief and nothing material has been concealed therefrom.


Verified this _____ day of May, 2027 at Kolkata.








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