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Special Power of Attorney


TO ALL TO WHOM THESE PRESENTS SHALL COME Know all men by these presents that I, [        *         ], Aged [  *  ] years, authorised representative of AIRGO Investment Limited having registered address at 45th Floor, Sadan Street, Delhi 100 001, India (Hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) am the executant of this deed of Special Power of Attorney vide Board Resolution dated [     *     ].


Whereas the Company is inter alia engaged in the business of manufacturing, marketing tyres. the Company is the rightful and registered owner of the word mark “AIRGO” and D- device ‘ARG’ (“said Marks”) along with other AIRGO / D Device Marks, in India. The said Marks were originally conceived and adopted by AIRGO India Limited through their predecessors in title, AIRGO Infra Company (India) Limited. In or around the year 2016, it was brought to the attention of the Company that the AIRGO Aircraft Ltd., having address at 156 Pavilion Gateway, Erdington, Birmingham D56 7YX England, (Hereinafter referred to asAAL”) has been wrongfully using the said Marks to supply goods to various Indian customers including the Government of India.


Whereas pursuant to the aforementioned circumstances, the Company in order to amicably resolve the issue and stop the infringement of the said Marks, after several communications issued a cease and desist notice dated 25th May, 2022. Since after all these communications, when AAL did not stop infringing the said Marks, the Company now wants to pursue the said matter and take criminal action against AAL.


Whereas I am personally unable to be present for the filing and execution of such Trademark Infringement Complaint before the requisite Police authorities. So I, [  *  ] the Authorised representative of the Company hereby nominate and appoint Layard Partners, Advocates Bombay High Court having office address at 123, Corporate Centre, N S Road, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 001, as Company’s true and lawful attorney to act for and appear on behalf of the Company and I authorize and empower them to do the following acts, deeds and things on behalf of the Company:- 


1.      To file the Criminal Complaint before the concerned Police authorities.

2.      To act and appear on behalf of the Company in the Criminal Complaint before the appropriate Police Authorities as and when required;

3.      To procure, make execute and submit to the Police Authorities all documents required in connection with the proceedings of the Trademark Infringement;

4.      To represent the Company in all matters in connection with or incidental to the Trademark Infringement proceedings;

5.      To make applications, statements, affidavits, documents etc., to the Govt. Departments and any other concerned authorities, required for the initiation and/or proceeding with the Trademark Infringement;

6.      To do any and all such other acts on behalf of the Company arising in connection with or consequent to the filing of the criminal complaint for Trademark Infringement on behalf of the Company;

7.      AND GENERALLY TO DO ALL other acts, deeds and things, which my said attorneys may deem fit and proper arising in connection with or consequent to the Complaint for Trademark Infringement on behalf the Company.


Provided that the said attorney shall keep true accounts of all activities performed by virtue of this power of attorney. 




I hereby agree and undertake to confirm and ratify all and whatsoever my said attorney shall do or purport to do by the virtue of this power of attorney. 


IN WITNESS WHEREOF this deed is signed at ________on this ___ day of _________ 2022. 



Name: [*]





“I hereby accept all the powers.” 

Name: Layard Partners



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