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R.S. & COMPANY                                                                      5, Graham Road
CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS                                                           9th Floor Mumbai - 400025
[ See rule 40B ]

Report under section 120SB of the Income Tax Act, 1961 for
computing the book profits of the company

1.      I / We have examined the accounts and records of SADHANA TRADERS PRIVATE LIMITED having PAN. BBKLA14251F engaged in the business of hardware, software & other information technology in order to arrive at the book profits during the year ended on the 31st March, 2017.

2.      (a) We certify that the book profit has been computed in accordance with the provisions of this section. The tax payable under section 120SB of the Income Tax Act in respect of the assessment year is Rs Nil, which has been determined on the basis of the details in Annexure A to this Form.

3.      In our opinion and to the best of our knowledge and according to the explanations given to us the particulars given in Annexure A are true and correct.

For S.B. & Company
Chartered Accountants
Firm’s Registration Number 342854E

(Priya Roy)
Membership Number : 0321212

Place of Signature :: Mumbai

Date:: 12.06.2018


Details relating to the computation of book profits for the purposes of

section 120SB of the Income -Tax Act, 1961

1.      Name of the assessee                           :  SADHANA TRADERS PRIVATE  LIMITED
2.      Particulars of address                            :  9/5, Jacab Circle
                                                                        Mumbai- 400011
3.      Permanent Account Number                                                     :  BBKLA2521F
4.      Assessment year                                                                       :  2016-2017
5.      Total income of the company under the Income Tax Act            :  Rs. 252240/-
6.      Income – Tax payable on total income                          :  Rs. 8504/-2
7.      Whether Profit and Loss Account is prepared in accordance with the provisions of Parts II and III of
                  Schedule VI to the Companies  Act, 1956 ( 1 of 1956 )        :  Yes
8.      Whether the Profit and Loss Account referred to in column 7 above has followed the same accounting policies, accounting standards for preparing the Profit and Loss account and the same method of rates for calculating depreciation as have been adopted for preparing accounts laid before the company at its annual general body meeting ? If not, the extent and nature of variation be
                  specified.                                                                                  :  Yes
9.      Net profit according to Profit and Loss Account referred   to in (7) above.                                                                                                :  Rs. 65740/-    
10.  Amount of net profit as shown in Profit and Loss Account   as increased by the amounts referred to in clauses (a)to (f)of Explanation of sub-section (2) of this section( file
                  working separately, where required )                                         :  Rs. 65740/-
11.  The amount as referred to in item 10 as reduced by the amounts referred to in clauses (i) to (vii) of Explanation of sub-section(2) of this section( file working separately, 
                  where required )                                                                       :  Rs. 65740/-
12.  Book profit as computed according to Explanation given
                  in sub- section (2)                                                                     :  Rs. 65740/-
13.  18.50% of “book profit” as computed in 12 above                    :  Rs. 10115/-.
14.  In case income – tax payable by the company referred to
                  as Sl.No.6 is less than 19.20 per cent of its book profits
                  shown in column 12, the amount be 19.20% of column12,
                  i.e., as per (13) plus applicable E.Cess & S.H.E.Cess   :   Rs. 9850/-

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