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With respect to the request from M/s. P.S. Shipping Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, we visited at New Paras CFS, Ansari Road, New Delhi on 15TH NOVEMBER 2018 and carried out detailed survey of the items imported as described in TAB-9 i.e. Details of Items Inspected. We herewith elaborate our inspection finding as under:

1.    Purpose and/or object of inspection:

  • Whether the machines/items are new or used ones and re-conditioned or not,
  • Whether the machines/items put together will form a complete unit,
  • To verify whether the material does not contain any Explosive Material / Arms, Ammunitions, Mines, Shells, Cartridges and any Radio Active Contaminated Material in any form,
  • To verify and ascertain whether the machines/items imported are Capital Goods/Spares/Accessories/Parts/Scrap/Melting Scrap,
  • To ascertain Year of Manufacture / Make / Model / Price in Year of Manufacture,
  • To appraise the value of machines/items in the ‘as is where is basis’
2.    Date & place of inspection:

On NOVEMBER 15, 2018
At New Paras CFS,
Ansari Road,
New Delhi

3.    Buyer/Importer:

M/s. Sharma Automotive India Pvt. Ltd.
9/2, Homi Modi Street
Mumbai - 400011

4.    Supplier/Exporter:

M/s. Bravi Stock Shares Ltd.
Sheikh Zayed Rd, 11th, Floor

5.    Commercial Details:

  • Invoice No.: 01/2009-10 dated 17.03.2018
  • Invoice Value: USD 659380.00 (FOB)
  • B/L No.: CGE1734004 dated 25.03.2018
  • BE No.: 986743 dated 18.08.2018

OUR REF.: SSA-NS/CEC-VALUE/PS-SHARMA/378/2018-1                                              2

6.    Details of items inspected

Old, Used & Secondhand Machinery Equipment STC 18 with Standard & Essential Accessories
Machineries/Accessories List as per Invoice No.: 01/1708-09 dated 17.03.2016 Annexure 1
Make/Mfg: Allen Bradley, US, EIC General
                  Corp., Surplus Pvt. Ltd.,
                  Airtel Electrique, Berg
YOM: Not found (Approx. 1996 to 1998)
Country of Origin: Dubai
1Set (18Nos.)
Total (FOB)
Note: Value declared above is FOB value. Exchange Rate: 1.00 USD = 48.9500 INR

7.    Function & utility:
The aforesaid Plant Machinery is extensively and widely used in manufacturing automobiles moulded parts with the help of extruders & injection molding machines, such as Windshield  Beadings, Gaskets, Stoppers, Joints, Bushes & various multiple products.

8.    Physical inspection, verification & scrutiny of documents:
On the basis of physical inspection, verification & scrutiny of documents provided to us we confirm that all the items as per invoice were made available for our physical inspection, which were observed old, used & secondhand machines/items as detailed under “TAB-9” above of this certificate under Details of items inspected.

Our physical inspection also opines that these machines/items are not reconditioned or remanufactured but are in woPSable condition.

Our physical inspection also reveals that the old, used & secondhand machines/items would have been manufactured approximately between the years 1996 to 1998 as detailed above in “TAB-9”.

9.    Chartered Engineer’s comments/opinions on inspection findings:
  • We have thoroughly inspected all the machines/items described above and hereby we confirm that they were as per the packing list & invoice and are old, used and secondhand machines/items,
  • The machines/items along with the essential standard accessories, as detailed above and inspected by us were not observed reconditioned or remanufactured in any form,
  • The old, used & secondhand machines/items detailed in “TAB-9” above offered for our physical inspection seemed to be in good woPSable condition. However they may need minor repairs / overhauling before being put to use,
  • On the basis of our verification we are of the opinion that the old, used & secondhand machines/items as detailed in “TAB-9” above of this certificate shall fetch a residual life of about 17 to 15 years, provided that the same are put in operation with routine & preventive maintenance measures as per the Manufacturer’s Instructions Manual subject to usage of original spares for worn outs as may be postulated and recommended.

OUR REF.: SSA-NS/CEC-VALUE/PS-SHARMA/378/2018-19                                              3

10. Mode of Inspection:

Physical inspection & verification of the above mentioned old, used & secondhand machines/items was carried out as these were made available for the same. The inspection, of the old, used & secondhand machines/items as detailed in “TAB-9” of this Certificate, was carried out on the basis of verification of documents and find outs of our physical inspection.

11. Basis of Valuation:

Following technical aspects are taken into consideration pertaining to valuation:

  • Physical Inspection & Examination of items,
  • Information & Documents provided by the client,
  • Sources of Procurement,
  • General Appearance & Present Condition of items,
  • Secondhand status & Residual Life of items,
  • Function, Utility & Reusability of items,
  • Reconditioning & Remanufacturing.

12. Pricing remaPSs:

12.1  Sale price:
If we reckoned the condition of these machines/items, as detailed in “TAB-9” above of this certificate and compare the same with equivalent make/model new machines/items, the old, used and secondhand machines/items make an estimated price of USD 659380.00 (FOB) (USD Six Lacs Fifty Nine Thousand Three Hundred Eighty only) as fair & reasonably rated value in our opinion based on our past experience.

12.2  Adequacy and reasonability of pricing:
In our opinion the old, used & secondhand machines/items as detailed in “TAB-9” of this certificate are adequately priced and appropriate to the present condition of the machine/item and would be very reasonable rated value.

12.3  Assessment of present price:
Our assessment of present price, as detailed in the following table is based on the physical observation & condition of the machines/items imported and presented for our inspection. Considering these factors we appraise that the rates detailed in the table below would be minimum estimated present rates and priced appropriately.

As far as the Price in the YOM is considered, the exporter did not mentioned the prices of items in the Year of Manufacture (YOM) and also it is not so easy to get it from the manufacturer due to various practical & commercial reasons.

Under these circumstances considering an overall allowance on the price of latest new equivalent make/model/type machines/items for technological developments in the last years and considering rate of inflation, we appraise that the rates detailed in the table below would have been minimum estimated original purchase price in the year of manufacture.

OUR REF.: SSA-NS/CEC-VALUE/PS-SHARMA/378/2018-19                                              4

Old, Used & Secondhand Machinery Equipment STC 18 with Standard & Essential Accessories
Machineries/Accessories List as per Invoice No.: 01/1708-09 dated 13.03.2016 Annexure 1
Make/Mfg: Allen Bradley, US, EIC  
                  General Corp., Surplus
                  Pvt. Ltd., Airtel
                  Electrique, Berg
Year of Manufacture: Not found on the main Machines/Items (Approx. Between 1996 to 1998)
Country of Origin: Dubai
1Set (18Nos.)
Total (FOB)


  1. The value assessed, by the Chartered Engineer, in “TAB-12.3” is based on our past experience, data gathered and documentary evidences provided to us, which we opine is fair and reasonable.

  1. The value assessed, by the Chartered Engineer, in “TAB-12.3” is FOB value,
CIF Evaluation,
Present Assessed Value                 :           USD    659380.00
Freight as per BE                             :           USD      17600.00
Insurance as per cover note           :           USD        9418.00
Total Assessed CIF Value            :           USD   686398.00

  1. Hence cost to be considered for Custom purpose, i.e. CIF, is USD 686398.00 (USD Six Lacs Eighty Six ThousandThree Hundred Ninety Eight only),

  1. To appraise the value of old, used & secondhand machines/items, described in “TAB-12.3”, we have taken into consideration the following factors:
·        Design & Specifications – Mfr./Model/Type
·        Processing charges – Usage/Residual Life
·        Re-conditioning charges
·        Generation of Technology
·        Replacement Value
·        Local maPSet demands
·        Recent Import values
·        Inflation Rates
·        RBI Indices etc.

By through Inspection/Canalization of the present status of the components as per packing list and considering the above said factors the value of the old, used & secondhand machine, as detailed in “TAB-12.3” above of this Certificate, in the ‘as is where is condition’ is fair and reasonable.

OUR REF.: SSA-NS/CEC-VALUE/PS-SHARMA/378/2016-17                                              5

13. Notes & valuer’s remaPSs:

  • All the items inspected and mentioned in this report are old, used and secondhand,
  • Only items shown during our inspection are appearing in this report,
  • Assessment of condition of assembled items is done on external status and appearance basis from practical point of view and reflects our findings at the time and place of inspection,
  • The present value of the items is also being affected by the additional depreciation because of not matching the technological advancement that of the equivalent new machine,
  • As said in the life span TAB it is expected life of the machine without verifying any record like LOG BOOK & MAINTENANCE RECORD because of unavailability of pertaining documents,
  • The value of new machine is arrived after considering Obsolescence Factor,
  • Reconditioning of items has not been considered on physical inspection and verification basis.
I Hereby Certify That

·        This certificate has been issued for custom purpose only without prejudice,
·        Our responsibility is limited to the exercise of reasonable care,
·        Since the secondhand/rejected/defective/equipments/components are subject to variable opinions and conditions, this report is issued based on the documentary evidences provided and our physical inspection and findings of the items offered for our inspection at the time and place of inspection,
·        Shall this certificate be accepted/rejected by whomsoever it may be concerned with the understanding that the CE/Firm jointly or severally  are not responsible for any Claims/Damages,
·        The information furnished above is true & correct to the best of my knowledge,
·        I have no direct or indirect interest in the items valued,
·        I have personally inspected the Machines/items on 15TH NOVEMBER 2016.


M/128450/3, DT.: 25/06/2008

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