Corporate Guarantee Format in Word in India

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The Manager                                                                        
Kamal Traders Ltd.                                                              
Chandigar- 160019                                                               

Sir / Madam,

Sub: - Corporate Guarantee with respect the loan applied by/ continue the existing loan / granting additional loan facility granted to Arpita Apperal Pvt. Ltd (Borrower(s)) for an amount not exceeding Rs. 29 Crores (Rupees Twenty Nine Crores Only)

I understand that the above named Borrower(s) has/have applied for a loan/continuation of existing loan from Kamal Traders Limited and as a Corporate Guarantor qua the above stated loan facility along-with unpaid interest and other charges, if any, I hereby furnish with Globe Fincap Limited the necessary information regarding Surajit Commercial Limited  (Name of Corporate Guarantor) and myself being Authorized Signatory of Corporate Guarantor:-

a.            Name of Company:   SURAJIT COMMERCIAL LIMITED

b.            Date of Incorporation/Formation of Company:     02/05/1998

c.            Date of Commencement of Business: 02/05/1998            

d.            Registration Number: S65289 LK 1998 PL C082218  

e.            Place of Registration: NEW DELHI

f.              Date of Registration: 02/05/1998    

g.            Registering Authority: ROC

h.            PAN Number: ABBRK51121D

i.              Registered office at: Gut No. 14, P, Kasturba Gandhi Marg Dist. NEW DELHI-110025,(India).

j.              Regional office at: NIL

k.             Net Worth as on: Rs. 46.57 Crores

l.              Annual Income: Rs. 98.00 Crores

Signature of Borrower                                                         Signature of Guarantor

Latest Photograph of Authorized Signatory with signature across the Photograph

Details of Authorized Signatory of Corporate Guarantor:                               

Name _______________________________          

Father’s Name/
Husband’s Name: _______________________________   

PAN No. _________________________

Date of Birth:          ________________________                              

Age: ________ Years

Address: _________________________________________________________

Designation of Authorized Signatory in the office of Corporate Guarantor:

DECLARATION  ON BEHALF ___________________________:                

  • I declare that this document is a part and parcel of the Master Loan Agreement(s) executed between the Borrower and the Lender.
  • I understand that in case of default/recall of the loan by the lender, the liability of the Guarantor will be as of the Principal Borrower and the security provided by Surajit Commercial limited as the Corporate Guarantor will be considered as primary security by the lender and lender will be at total liberty to sell/dispose off or otherwise the security provided by us before selling /disposing off the security of the Borrower(s).
  • I hereby understand that as Guarantor to the loan granted to the Borrower(s), the Borrower(s) and Corporate Guarantor herein shall be jointly and severally liable to the lender for the sums due against the Borrower(s).

Signature of Borrower                                             Signature of Guarantor

  • I confirm that Corporate Guarantor herein had no winding up proceedings, amalgamation, merger proceedings pending in any court of law.
  • The Corporate Guarantor herein agrees that the said loan shall be governed by the rules of Globe Kamal Traders which may be in force from time to time.
  • The Corporate Guarantor herein agrees to indemnify the lender against all loss, damage, costs, charges and expenses which the lender may suffer as a result of granting or continuing to grant loan to the Borrower(s).
  • The Corporate Guarantor herein agrees that this guarantee shall be continuing guarantee and shall be irrevocable.
  • I on behalf of Corporate Guarantor undertake that the Corporate Guarantor herein will update immediately its change in registered office address Kamal Traders Ltd.
  • The Corporate Guarantor herein undertakes that this facility is subject to Chandigarh jurisdiction.
  • The Corporate Guarantor herein undertakes that this Guarantee shall be binding to the succeeded company of the Corporate Guarantor herein.
  • The Corporate Guarantor herein undertakes that this Guarantee shall not be discharged by any subsequent variation of the terms in the Master Loan Agreement by Kamal Traders Limited as reserved to it in the Master Loan Agreement or by any grant of time or other forbearance by Kamal Traders to the Borrower(s) or by death or change in constitution of the Borrower(s).
  • The Corporate Guarantor herein agrees to Kamal Traders Limited making enquiries in respect of the above statement/information made on behalf of the Corporate Guarantor herein.
  • I on behalf of the Corporate Guarantor herein further declares that though the Corporate Guarantor herein had not executed any document(s) as Guarantor, prior hereto, in respect of the said loan transaction(s), nonetheless the Corporate Guarantor herein through me declare itself as the Guarantor now and accordingly, __________________________________ may be deemed to be a Corporate Guarantor for the Borrower(s) ________________________________________________________________ in respect of the said loan transaction(s) for all intents and purposes.   The Corporate Guarantor herein shall thus be bound to comply with all responsibilities as well as liabilities, being such Guarantor.

Signature of Borrower                                             Signature of Guarantor

  • I on behalf of the Corporate Guarantor further declares that I have read and agree to all the Terms and Conditions envisaged in the Master Loan Agreement signed between Kamal Traders Limited and the above stated Borrower(s) and do hereby agree to undertake all responsibilities stated therein in the capacity of the Guarantor.

  • I on behalf of Corporate Guarantor declares that all particulars and information given in the above form are true, correct and complete to the best of my information and knowledge as derived from the records maintained by my company in the ordinary course of its business and nothing has been concealed therefrom.

Corporate Guarantor Name :- Surajit Commercial Limited

Borrower’s Name: - Arpita Apperal Commercials Pvt. ltd

(Guarantor’s Signature
& Seal)__________________                        Borrower’s Signature: _______________

Signature of Borrower                                                   Signature of Guarantor

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