Increment Letter Format / Sample For Salary

This can be a great help for all HR (Human Resource) / Personal Managers. Here you can get sample template for Salary Increment Letter / Acknowledgement

Company Name/HR/Financial Year/001

Name                  : Person Name
Designation        : Person Designation
Department       : Person Department

Dear Mr Name,

The management is pleased to inform you that your remuneration has been revised and in relation to your performance, your emolument structure stands revised w.e.f. ( Effective Date ).

The details of your revised compensation and other benefits are given in Annexure-1 (Salary Calculation).

All others terms and condition of your employment with us remain unchanged.

I wish to thank you for your contribution during the year and look forward to your continuous support in meeting business performance.

Please sign and return the enclosed copy of this letter in acknowledgement.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely
For (Name of the Company)

(Name of Authorized Signatory)


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