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Project Scope - Supply Chain

Project Supply Chain would include a detailed analysis of the supply chain divided into four key domains. While the first domain would be covered first, the other domains would be discussed in mixed sequence depending on your organization’s priorities.

Domain 1: Supply Chain Snapshot

-         Product Offerings – All SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) under Plain and Laminated Plyboard, including the imported SKUs
-         Plant and warehouse locations
-         Key channels and customers
-         Key competitors
-         Logistics – in-house or 3PL
-         Sources of competitive advantage as viewed by our customers – This would include considerations about what matters to the customers the most. For example, if lead time from order to delivery is important to the customers then we need to focus on further minimizing lead times, if cost is the key criteria, then the focus would be on driving efficiency through the chain to minimize cost, if quality is the differentiating factor, then there would be more focus on the plant operations, etc
-         Financials (specifically as they relate to supply chain, and the corresponding trend)
-         Key Performance Indicators – All the above factors would determine the KPIs that we have to manage actively.

Domain 2: Deep-dive into Operations, Planning, and Logistics

-         Forecasting (or Demand Planning)
-         Product Design and its impact on Logistics
-         Manufacturing Planning & Control
-         Inventory Management – Safety Stock, Cycle or Physical count
-         Logistics – Transportation & Warehousing – 3PL/4PL options, load factor (how much weight is loaded on truck), mode (truck Vs inter-modal Vs rail, if it is an option)

Domain 3: Managing Customer and Supplier Relationships

-         Supplier Relationship Management – Vendors from Mumbai & Pune, Captive Plantation, Quality of raw material, opportunity of Vendor-Managed Inventory (vendors manage inventory of raw materials at our plant), formal contracts
-         Customer Relationship Management – Order management, On-time Delivery, opportunity of Vendor-Managed Inventory (we manage inventory at our key customers’ warehouses)

Domain 4: Effective use of IT to enable supply chain

-         SAP ERP – Current usage and Potential
-         Additional innovative technologies to enhance supply chain performance

Domain 5: Market Development
Domain 6: Risk Analysis
Domain 7: Customer behaviour and product-mix

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