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[Part-B of Annex I to A. P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 44  dated May 30, 2008]



(i)  This  part  of  form  FC-GPR  is  to  be  submitted  to  the  Director,  Balance  of  Payment Statistical  Division,  Department  of  Statistical  Analysis  &  Computer  Services,  Reserve Bank  of  India,  C8,  3rd  Floor,  Bandra-Kurla  Complex,  Bandra  (E),  Mumbai   400051; Tel: 2657 1265, 2657 2513, Fax: 26570848; email:surveyfla@rbi.org.in

(ii) This is an annual return to be submitted by 31st  of July every year by all companies, pertaining         to         all                    investments                  by    way    of    direct/portfolio    investments/re-invested earnings/others   in   the   Indian   company   made   during   the   previous   years   (e,g.   the information in Part B submitted by 31st  July 2018 will pertain to all the investments made
in the previous years up to March 31, 2018). The details of the investments to be reported would include all foreign investments made into the company which is outstanding as on the date of the balance sheet. The details of overseas investments in the company both under  Direct  /  portfolio  investment  may  be  separately  indicated.  Please  use  end-March Market prices/exchange rates for compiling the relevant information.


Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the investee company given by the Income Tax Department

No.                         Particulars                                                (In Block Letters)
1.       Name                                                      


Registration No. given by the
Registrar of Companies

2.                 Name of the Contact Person:                

3.       Account closing date:
4.          Details of changes if any, with regard to information furnished earlier (Change in name of company / Change of location, activities, etc.)
5.          Whether listed company or unlisted company
5.1    If listed,

i)     Market   value   per   share   as   at end-March
ii)    Net Asset Value per share as on date  of  latest  Audited  Balance

31st March, 2018

Listed / Unlisted

5.2    If   unlisted,   Net   Asset   Value   per
share  as  on  date  of  latest  Audited
Balance Sheet
6.  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Foreign Liabilities In
India *

Amount in Lakhs of Rupees
Foreign Assets Outside
India &

6.0 Equity Capital
6.1 Other Capital W
6.2 Disinvestments during the year
6.3 Retained earnings during the year +

Outstanding at end- March of Previous Year

Outstanding at end- March of Current Year

Outstanding at end- March of Previous Year

Outstanding at end- March of Current Year

*  Please furnish the outstanding investments of non-resident investors (Direct Investors) who were holding
10 per cent or moreordinary shares of your Company on the reporting date.

&  Please furnish your total investments outside the country in each of which your Company held 10 per cent
or more ordinary shares of that non-resident enterprise on the reporting date.

W   Other  Capital  includes  transactions  between  the  non-resident  direct  investor  and  investee  /  reporting company, relating to i) Short Term Borrowing from overseas investors, ii) Long Term Borrowing from overseas investors,  iii)  Trade  Credit,  iv)  Suppliers  Credit,  v)  Financial  Leasing,  vi)  Control  Premium,  vii)  Non- Competition  Fee  in  case  of  transactions  not  involving  issue  of  shares,  viii)  Non-cash  acquisition  of  shares against  technical  transfer,  plant  and  machinery,  goodwill,  business  development  and  similar  considerations
and ix) investment in immovable property made during the year.

+  Under foreign liabilities, for retained earnings (undistributed profit), please furnish the proportionate amount
as  per  the  share  holding  of  non-resident  investors  (Direct  investors).  Similarly under foreign assets outside

7. Portfolio and Other Investment
[Please furnish here the outstanding investments other than those mentioned under FDI above]
Amount in Lakhs of Rupees

Foreign Liabilities In

Foreign Assets Outside

7.0    Equity Securities
7.1    Debt Securities
7.1.1 Bonds and Notes
7.1.2 Money Market
7.2    Disinvestments during               the year                                              
8.  Financial Derivatives
(notional value)
9. Other Investment
9.1     Trade Credit
9.1.1  Short Term
9.1.2  Long Term

Outstanding at end- March of Previous Year
Outstanding at end- March of Current Year
Outstanding at end- March of Previous Year

Outstanding at end- March of Current Year

9.2     Loans¥                                                        Please see the note below
9.3     Others
9.3.1  Short Term
9.3.2  Long Term

  *  During the year - reduced

India, the retained earnings of your company would be proportionate to your shareholding of ordinary shares
in the non-resident enterprise.

¥  Note:  As  the  details  of  the  Loans  availed  of  by your  company are  collected  through  Authorised  Dealers separately by Foreign Exchange Department of the Reserve Bank in ECB returns, the details of external loans availed by your company need not be filled in. However, the external loans extended by your company to non- resident  enterprises  other  than  WOS/JVs  outside  India  should  be  reported  under  “Foreign  Assets  outside India”.

10. Shareholding pattern as at end-March

Text Box: Amount
Value) Rs.
Text Box: %Text Box: No.
of shares
Text Box: Amount
Value) Rs.
Text Box: %Equity              Compulsorily convertible Preference Shares/ Debentures

Text Box: No.
of shares
Investor category / Nature of investing entity

a)    Non-Resident
01      Individuals
02      Companies
03      FIIs                                                        
04      FVCIs
05      Foreign Trusts
06      Private Equity Funds
07      Pension/ Provident Funds
08      Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF)§
08      Partnership / Proprietorship


09      Financial Institutions
10      NRIs/PIO                                       
11      Others (please specify) OCB                      

b)    Resident

Sub Total             

11.      Persons employed during the financial year ending March 31®

Signature of the authorised
Official                              :                                                                                     

Name (in block letters)     :                                                                                     

Designation                      :                                                                                     

Place:                                                                                                  Date:

§  SWF  means  a  Government  investment  vehicle  which  is  funded  by  foreign  exchange  assets,  and  which manages those assets separately from the official reserves of the monetary authorities.

®  Please indicate the number of persons recruited by your company during the financial year for which the return  is  being  submitted.  Under  “Directly’,  indicate  the  number  of  persons  on  the roll of your company, whereas under “Indirectly”, indicate the number of persons otherwise engaged by your company during the year.

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