Work Order Letter Format for Labour Contractor

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Dear Sir,

Sub:   Work Order for engaging front Blade Dozer - reg.
Ref:    Your quotation and subsequent negotiations.

With reference to your quotation and subsequent negotiations you had with us, we are pleased to award Work Order to you for engaging Front Blade Dozer for handling of Begasse for the season __________with the following terms and conditions:

Scope of work                                                         Rate             Amount

Engaging of Front Blade Dozer for                           Lumpsum     Rs.______
Handling of Bagasse

Terms and Conditions:

01.    The above rate includes salary and Bata for the Drivers, diesel and oil also.
02.    You have to provide sufficient drivers for running me dozer round the clock.
03.    The dozer should work min. 20 hours per day.  The diesel amount which is included in the above charges is calculated on 2 ltrs per hours and 20 hours working per day.  In case dozer is working less than 20 hours due to stoppage of the factory or by any reason the corresponding amount for the diesel will be deducted from bill.
04.    Diesel required for the vehicle will be issued from the stores and the amount will be deducted from the bill.
05.    In case of any breakdown of the vehicle you have to arrange another dozer.  Otherwise the corresponding amount will be deducted from the bill for the breakdown
06.    The number of working hours will be certified by the Boiler Engineer and Senior Manager [Engg.].
07.    All inputs, implements and incidental required for the attending the above work should be supplied by you.
08.    You should engage experienced person to carry out above works and child labour should not be engaged.
09.    You should arrange insurance for the above persons working with dozer.
10.    You should take necessary precautions during the execution of the work and should not damage any property of the Company.  The Management reserves the right to recover the cost of such damages from you.
11.    In case of any dispute arising between NDSL and yourself, the decision of General Manager will be final and binding.
12.    The Management reserves the right to cancel the Work Order without assigning any reason.
13.    Bill will be made once in a month.

Please sign the duplicate copy of the work order as token of your acceptance.

Thanking you,



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