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Dear Sir,

Sub:   Sale of press mud and Boiler Ash – reg.
Ref:    Your quotation dt.

With reference to your above quotation and subsequent negotiations you had with us, we are pleased to issue sale order for filter mud and boiler wet scrubber ash with the following terms and conditions.

01.   Filter Mud                -        @ Rs._________/- per six tyre lorry load
02.   Boiler wet scrubber ash -   @ Rs. ________/- per six tyre lorry load.

Terms and Conditions:

01.        You have to pay Rs.25000/- as EMD towards purchase of above material, which will be returned to your after closure of the season.
02.        You have to pay the required amount in advance for the above material and obtain gate passes from our Accounts Department.
03.        You have to arrange your own lorry and labour for taking above material from our Factory.
04.        The above rates are inclusive of all taxes and duties, if any.
05.        You should to insure for your workmen and you should follow all the  labour formalities..
06.        You should not damage any of the factory property while taking above material from our factory.

Please sign the duplicate copy of this Work Order as token of acceptance.

Thanking you,



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