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Name of the Company: Rocket Sales Ltd.

Case No.: CC No.  AA/2015
Legal Synopsis Report

Date of Reporting : 15/06/2015 File  Ref: -001

Cause Title
Rocket v. Jocket.
DLH, Delhi High Court
Date of Hearing
Name of the Judge
Sh. Kapil Sharma
Matter Type & Statute
N.I act
Amount Involved (If Any)
Cheques of Rs. 10,00,00,000
Name of  our Advocates Appearing
Sh. Ajit Panja. Sh. Amit Rao
Name of  Opposite Parties Advocates Appearing
Sh. Rajesh Sen
Next Date of Hearing

A)        Detailed Synopsis of Court Proceedings:
            The matter is fixed for filing the reply by opponent against the application of discharge of Mr.Singh         filed by us. The opponent file the same. Court adjurn the matter for argumen on that application.

            Another application for exemption is filed by Mr. Naresh Khanna adv. on behalf of Mr. J P Jain on   
             medical ground. Court not accept the same and issue NBW against Mr. Jain.

B)        Outcome of Court Proceedings:
            NDOH on 14.06.15 for argument.

C)        Estimated Fees of lawyer(s) :
1)      Sh. Ajit Panja – Rs. 1,00,000/-
2)      Sh. Amit Rao – Rs. 50,000/-
D)        Name of the Sender
            Amit Singh

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