Diwali Activities for Office

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1.    Circular
2.    List of employees
a.    Rocket Sales
b.    ITR
c.    Zeal employees
                                          i.    Rocket Sales
                                        ii.    Rocket Group
                                       iii.    Other locations in Mumbai
3.    List of non-employees
a.    Rocket Centre
b.    Rocket Group
4.    List of Items
a.    Category A (LY Dry Fruits: Rs.2340/-)
b.    Category B (LY Dry Fruits:Rs.1460/-)
c.    Category C (LY Sweets: Rs.630/-)
d.    Crackers (LY Rs.2300/-)
e.    List of Dry Fruits Basket for Rocket Group (LY Dry Fruits: Rs.5415/-)
5.    To get the price of all the dry fruits
6.    List for distribution of gifts for Category A, B, C and Crackers

a.    Uma Bose – Ministers, Secretariat, IPS, LMC, Chambers of Commerce, PS
b.    Sanjay Gupta – Banking & Financial
c.    Amit Joshi
d.    Sumit Surana - Legal
e.    Property related
f.      A K Goenka – Income Tax, CLB, Sales Tax
g.    D J Nandi – Press and Media
h.    Dr. Aniruddha De – Doctors
i.      Barun Ghosh - Airports
j.      Chairman Sir’s Guest

7.    Lottery Coupons
8.    Circulation / Collection of Lottery Money (LY Rs.100/-)
9.    Lottery Prize List
10. Purchase of Lottery prize
11. Packing of Lottery prize
12. List of Coins (LY Rs.778/-)
13. Sweets for Rocket Centre and Rocket Group
14. Security Services
15. Car arrangements / logistics
16. Manpower planning
17. Arrangement of Flowers and Lightings
18. Arrangement of Photographer
19. Envelops and Cadburys for Children
20. Items in Sweet Packets

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