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Job - Activities

Ø  Utilities
ü  All Utility bills should be paid by 10th of every month and these should come in Soft copy in admin mail.

Ø  Non Utility
ü  All non utility services should be done as per schedule , either monthly , fortnightly, weekly, or daily. ( refer to attached job list with details of utility items)
ü  Lift - should be kept in good working condition at times to avoid any accidents or any breakdown. Monthly maintenance should be taken care of as per schedule.
ü  Air conditioners should be maintained and temperature regulated.
ü  Ensure there is no misuse of AC in discussion room, chambers, conference room etc where there are individual AC.
ü  Consumables like tea, coffee, cups ,water etc should be in stock at all times.
ü  Housekeeping services in Rocket Sales Corp from Basement to Terrace and take special care of Chairmans floor and executive toilets in all floor. All tissues , soaps to be checked.
ü  Any repairs/ replacement should be notified to management and accordingly work.

Ø  Mandir:
ü  This is managed by Tenth floor and Roopa Jain. Provide support related to requirement of sub staff for making bhog and any other admin related matter as and when required.

Ø  Canteen:
ü  This is managed by Mr. Anil Jain & Amit Singh. Provide support related to requirement of sub staff for any other admin related matter as and when required.

Ø  Guest House:
ü   This is managed by Roopa Jain. Provide support related to requirement of sub staff or any other admin related matter as and when required.

Ø  Management of Peons :
ü  Peons should be posted on all floors as per requirement and back up should be kept when they are on leave.
ü  They should be in uniform at all times and have the basic etiquette to talk to employee and do the job given.

Ø  Vendor Management:
ü   Complete vendor list of all the activities, materials and services required.
ü  Minimum three vendors with quotation for each item with name address and phone numbers.
ü  All files must be maintained with complete details of all transactions .

Ø  Pest Management:
Pest Management should be done from time to time as per schedule .

Ø  Inventory :
ü Complete inventory management of stationary, housekeeping materials, electrical items, items at basement, mandir,  canteen, crockery at ground floor etc to be checked and MIS to be maintained.
ü Key Management of all floors, doors, chambers, cabinets drawers etc to be kept with proper marking & Numbering. When an employee joins keys to be issued and then received back after his separation.

Ø  MIS :

ü All bills should be scanned and kept in marked folders month wise in proper system.
ü Periodical MIS for all activities.
ü Seating Chart
ü KTX chart
ü Sim Card & Data Card chart
ü Blackberry activation chart
ü Petty Cash status
ü Utility Charts
ü Cabinet charts
ü Vendor tracking sheet.
ü Tea coffee consumption charts to identify how much is consumption of which  item and accordingly place order.
ü List of new joinee / exit clearance chart
ü Car Hire
ü Stationary Distribution.
ü Any other MIS required to be made from time to time.
ü Total billing statement for payment made for each month.
ü  Payment made for previous month/ outstanding amount for previous month and current month dues. Eg. Payment made in July, Outstanding amount for July and current due for August.
ü  Summary of complains & Resolution

Ø  Joining & Exit of employees:

ü During joining and exit all formalities should be completed in coordination with HR & EDP. Checklist for entry and exit should be duly followed at all times.

Ø  EPABX at Rocket Sales Corp

ü  Coordinate with EDP for shifting of phone lines as per requirement.

Ø  Back Up of Data Base
ü  Regular back up of all Admin data ,including all vendor dealing, repairs, replacement, any other important work or event when any Admin employee leave the company.

Ø  Budget / Billing

Billing System Management:

ü  Invoices received during a calender month and due dates.
ü  Proper documentation of each invoice : Scan copy , hard copy to be maintained so that information received is as per vendor, month , nature of services.
ü  Follow up with accounts department for billing related information.

Ø  Cash Management
ü  Petty Cash to be handled for Evening snacks, repairs and any other petty expenses required daily as per instruction and approval. Cash statement to be kept ready at all times.

Ø  Courier Management
ü  Incoming and outgoing courier to be managed with agencies . All outgoing couriers should be signed by respective HODs before dispatch.

Ø  Events

ü  For any event in Rocket Sales Corp, Rocket Home or any other location of Rocket Group, Admin support and infrastructure to be provided & managed as per requirement.

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