Sales Contract Format for Export and Import in India

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                                                                                                                        Date :
              VILL. PURI, POST & DIST. KHAPOLI
              PIN - 764 014, ORISSA

TO :
Ref : Transfer of ownership

We confirm having agreed to transfer you from w/house contract basis, the following goods on the terms and conditions mentioned below :



Vessel Name

Sales Prices
CIF + 2%

Custom/Import duty or other levy/duty to be paid by the Buyers
Any Sales Tax Central or State, Octroi and the like or any other charges if payable or imposed or leviable by any authority whatsoever either on the goods or on the prices there of shall be paid by the sellers.
Contd.... P/2

- 2 -

The sale being a ware house sale, the buyers will make their ow
n arrangements for obtaining delivery of the goods  from the customs and port authorities and make the payment for customs duty port warehouse charges, wharfage handling and transport charges and for clearance of the materials at their own cost.

The buyers will make payment to the seller immediately  from the date of bonding of material.

General condition
Delivery and acceptance of the goods :

Title of goods will be transferred no sooner than the negotiable set of documents are handed over by the sellers to the buyers, duly endorsed in their favour.

Any amendments and supplements to the contract are valid only if they are agreed upon both parties in writing and signed by authorised representative of both parties.

For any damages and deficiencies of goods caused in the process of transit, unloading due to accidents or nature of material the purchaser should establish beyond reasonable doubt any or all damages and deficiencies of goods duly supported by documents after, tested surveys and batch survey and proof of their  having lodged initial report and claim with the Port Trust and Steamship Company claims as made would be settled according to the settlement that may be arrived at between the seller and their foreign suppliers and the same would be binding on the buyers too.

This sale is subject to force majeure clause.

In consideration of your agreeing to transfer sale the subject goods on pre custom clearance basis at our cost risk, request, consequences the consignment of …………….….. arrived per vessel ………….……. vide B/L No. ……………………. dtd……………. .

Contd.... P/3

- 3 -

We the buyer, hereby, unconditionally agree to pay you or your successors and assign immediately on demand full amount of Sales Tax declaration forms penalties and other expenses of whatsoever nature which you may be called upon  to pay in respect of the above transactions at any time in this respect. We hereby waive all rights to contest the amount which you may demand from us under this letter of Guarantee/Indemnity. Our Sales Tax, CST and Income Tax Nos. are as under :

ECC No.                      :
RANGE                       : 
DIVISION                     :
TIN NO.                       :
PAN NO.                      :

The buyers of the goods hereby undertake that I/we us/are entitled to buy the goods on sale basis in terms of Import/Export Policy 2002-14 and any infringement of these laws shall not be attributable to the seller of the subject goods.

Any condition, whatsoever so prescribed/imposed by the Customs/Licensing/or any other authorities for the proper utilization of the buyers of the goods and under no circumstances the seller shall be liable for any such breach, if any.

Place :

BUYER                                                                                                SELLER

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