Late Submission Request Letter

Sample Template Example of Request Letter to Bank (SBI, ICICI, IOB, BOI, PNB, AXIS, HDFC, UCO, IDBI Banks etc) for allowing extra time for submission of Credit Rating India in word / doc / pdf Format Free Download

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Sub : Rating of our Company  ( Aggregate sanctioned limit by Banks Rs.1000.00 Crores
         consisting of Fund Based & Non-Fund Based Limit ) by M/s I.C.R.A Ltd .

We are to inform you that as per the terms of sanction we have entrusted above assignment to M/s I.C.R.A Ltd and the facts was informed to all the Banks during the last Consortium meeting held on ……….

The mandate for the above assignment was given  to M/s I.C.R.A Ltd  by us on 8th January ,2014.and since then we are in constant touch with them and maintaining close liasoning for supplying them their  required typical information and data relating to Financial years 2011-2012 and onwards for evaluation of our Company for furnishing the Rating  required by all the Banks as per terms of sanction.

In the above process since the information are typical and the information and data are as per their own requirement, for obvious reasons we had  to spend lot of time for fulfilling their requirements from our system and for  collection of supportive information and data from all the Banks. However since receipt of our letter dt 8.1.2014 M/s I.C.R.A Ltd are on the job and there are lot of interaction with us since January upon submission of information and data time to time. .

Both of us are interested to complete the Rating within March 2014 as per a clear mandate given to M/s I.C.R.A Ltd duly agreed by them. However we are afraid that the Credit Rating Exercise by M/s I.C.R.A Ltd may not be completed within the stipulated time i.e. March 31,2014 as despite commencement of the analytical process for the Bank Line of Credit Rating Exercise by M/s  I.C.R.A Ltd still they require further informations for completion of the Exercise.

We enclose herewith a copy of the letter received from M/s  I.C.R.A Ltd dt March 29,2014 containing above facts for your information and for the above reasons & circumstances beyond our control we request you to allow us further a month`s time for submission of the Rating of M/s I.C.R.A Ltd to all the Banks. We further request you not to levy and penal interest for non furnishing the Rating as per the terms of sanction.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,  

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