Bank Account Closing Letter Sample

Free Download Template Example of Bank Account Closure Application Request Letter to Branch Manager (SBI, PNB, IOB, ICICI, BOI, IDBI, HDFC, HSBC, AXIS Bank etc) in India in word / doc / pdf Format

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The Chief Manager,
Central Bank of India,                                                                     11.08.2014
Byculla Branch,

Dear Sir,

   Sub : A/c No 1029699999 – OD Cent Convenient. Cr Balance Rs.3877.22

           I, Anil Sen while working with Byculla branch as a Chief Manager, was enjoying Centconvenient facility with above account.

           As in the said account there was a regular monthly payment under SIP arrangement to one Mutual fund, on my transfer, apart from maintaining sufficient credit balance,  I opened a MMDC and sought for a regular overdraft limit against the MMDC. The MMDC ( A/c No.30558269999 MMDC Rs.3895.00) is still under lien with you though the balance in the said OD A/c  is in credit .

          I have already retired and permanently residing in my native place, Kolkata. Hence I request you to close my said A/c No 1029699999 -  Cent Convenient and credit the proceeds to A/c No 1029699999 – Cent Vidyarthi ( Present  Dr Balance Rs. 5494.00 ) . I am arranging to credit further amount of Rs.1600.00 in the Cent Vidyarthi account in order to close the account on 31.08.14 after charging of monthly interest for the month of August, 10.  Please note in this connection that I have no unused cheque with me.

          I further request you to transfer my MMDC ( A/c No.30558269999  Rs.3895.00) to our PRINCE ANWAR SHAW ROAD BRANCH, Kolkata ( Code : PRINCE )  at your earliest.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Retired GM, CFB, Hyderabad
KOLKATA , 700047

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Due to Retirement, Transfer, Job Change, Address Change, Poor Service etc.


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