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Sample Template Example of Security Covenant Treaty Agreement deed format between Company's HR & New Employee in doc / word / pdf Free Download

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Security Covenant

I__________________________________ appointed as ______________________
·         I promise that shall not divulge or make any use for own or any other purpose of any information, documents or other knowledge owned by the Company.

·         I promise that I shall not copy company’s information in my personal hard disk device or any other device without prior permission by my Department head.  
·         I vouch that I shall not use Company’s information without prior permission by Management/ employer.
·         I vouch that I shall not publish or promulgate any company’s data, information or know-how that may come into my hold or control during the course of my employment.

This letter is a token of my acceptance of the Security Covenant. If I become dishonest or if I otherwise misconduct  or commit a breach of the terms of this Covenant the Company shall be entitled to take legal action as well as terminate my employment forthwith without any notice whatsoever or payment in lieu of notice. The Company’s opinion any of the events aforesaid has occurred shall be final.

Yours faithfully,

I, ______________________________________hereby taking oath to maintain company’s privacy in every aspect.

(Signature of the appointee with date & Deptt.)                       


(Signature of the Manager) 

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