Warning Letter Format for Employee

Sample Template Example of Warning Letter to Staff From Company HR for Indiscipline/ Fraud / Misbehaviour / Misconduct in India in word / .doc / pdf Free Download

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Mr. Anil Jain
Agricultural Assistant,
EMP NO: 123456,
Cane Department,

Dear Sir,

Ref:  1. Our charge-sheet No: NDSL/MDK/EST/213 dated 06.05.2014, issued by the General Manager, NDSL, Medak.
  2. Enquiry Report of the Enquiry Officer dated 22.09.2014

Please refer to the charge sheet 1st cited and enquiry conducted by the Enquiry Officer against you.  The enquiry Officer has submitted his enquiry report and findings.  We have carefully perused and examined the enquiry report-dated 22.09.2013 and also taken into consideration of your past record.

The Management has come to a conclusion that you are habitual absconder to your duties and you deserve punishment for the above misconduct. However, the management has taken a lenient view and you are hereby severely warned and advised not to repeat the same in future. 

Please note the same and act accordingly.

Yours faithfully,
For Rocket Sales Limited,

General Manager.

CC President, Corporate Office, Hyderabad. 

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For Cheating, Fraud, Misconduct, Misbehaviour & Disciplinary Action


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