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Sample Template Example of Show Cause Legal Notice Letter to Employee for Misconduct / Misbehaviour / Theft from Employer / Company HR in India in word / .doc / pdf Free Download

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To                                                                                                  Dt:



It has been reported that you have introduced one Mr. Anil Jain, S/O Naveen Jain R/O Delhiy (PB No: 123456) for crop loan of Rs. 2,00,000/- for the season 2014-15.  On your initiations, crop loan of Rs. 2,00,000/- was granted and cheque was given on 10.03.2015. When the amount has become outstanding, on verification by our field staff  it is found that no cane was cultivated in his area and the said Mr. Anil Jain has not supplied Cane to the Factory during the season 2014-15 and also that the said Anil Jain Goud expired on 01.12.2014. On further verification it is learnt that the cheque was deposited in the Dist Co-Operative Central Bank Limited, Delhi on 15.03.2014.  It was found that you have endorsed on withdrawal form of the bank, which was in the name of Mr. Anil Jain and received the amount of Rs. 2,00,000/-.  It clearly shows that you have acted with an ulterior motive for a wrongful gain.  Thereby you have cheated the company and misappropriated an amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- and caused loss to the company. Your above acts amount to misconduct under the Model Standing Orders applicable to you.

Hence you are hereby call upon your explanation within THREE (3) days from the date of receipt of this notice, why appropriate disciplinary action cannot be taken against you for the above misconducts, apart from initiating Criminal/Civil proceedings.  In case no reply is received within the stipulated time, it will be presumed that you have no explanation to submit and further action will be initiated against you.

For, Rocket Sales Limited.

General Manager (Process)

CC   General Manager, Delhi
       President, Delhi.

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For Cheating, Fraud, Misconduct, Misbehaviour & Disciplinary Action


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