Dismissal Order Sample Format

Sample Template Example of Case Dismissal Order Letter with Prejudice / 
Without Prejudice against Employee for Indiscipline/ Fraud / Misbehaviour / Misconduct in India in word / .doc / pdf Free Download

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Mr. T Venkat Reddy,
JOP No: 123456                                      
Centrifugal Operator
Process Department,
Rocket Sales Limited,
Mutyampeta, Metpally Unit,                    

Ref:  1.  Charge Sheet dated 27.11.2007 issued to you.
2.      Your explanation dated 04.12.2007 to the above charge sheet.
3.      The enquiry report dated 1o.04.2008
4.      II Show Cause Notice dated 23.04.2008
5.      Your explanation dated 12.05.2008 to the II Show Cause Notice.

You may recall that a Charge-Sheet dated 27.11.2007 was issued to you.  Wherein misconducts under clause 20 (a), (f), (h), (k), (l) and (x) of Andhra Pradesh Model Standing Orders applicable to the Organisation were issued to you.  As you have disputed the misconducts through your explanation dated 04.12.2007, a Domestic Enquiry was ordered and held, keeping in view of the Principles of Natural Justice.  Inspite of service of notice on you, for the reasons best known to you, you did not choose to attend the enquiry, leaving no option to the Enquiry Officer to hold an ex-parte enquiry. 

The Enquiry Officer after minutely examining the evidence on record, has submitted a report holding you guilty of misconducts under clause 20 (a), (f), (h), (k), (l) and (x) of Andhra Pradesh Model Standing Orders.

The Management has perused the report of the Enquiry Officer and after fully satisfied with the report a Second Show-Cause-Notice dated 23.04.2008 of termination was issued to you.  In answer to the Second Show Cause Notice, you have come out with wild and imaginary allegations.  After careful examination of your reply, it is found that the same is neither convincing nor satisfactory.

You have stated in your reply that you are a protected workman.  But it is not true.  Under Rule 63 of the A P Industrial Disputes Rules, the status of protected workman can be claimed only when an application is made by the Union and when the employer by positive action recognizes and grants in writing the status of Protected Workman to the Office Bearers of the Union.   Recognisition of such status will arise only when employer in writing grants status not otherwise.
You have stated in your explanation that you have not received the enquiry notice, which is not correct.  Enquiry Officer has sent a Telegram on 21.03.2008 informing the date, time and venue of enquiry, besides sending a letter by Courier.

It is also not a fact that the management has promised before the Collector that you would be taken back into survive.  In fact the Management promised to examine the matter.

Therefore, you can not say that the Principles of Natural Justice are violated.

The Management has also taken into consideration of your service record.  Though there are no adverse remarks, but in view of the gravity of the misconducts established in the enquiry, your services are hereby terminated with immediate effect.

For Rocket Sales Limited,

General Manager

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