Temporary Employment Contract Template

Sample Template Example of Casual Worker / Employee Job Agreement Letter Format for Temporary Employment with Retention Allowance, Terms & Conditions Deed Clause in India in word / .doc / .pdf Free Download 

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This agreement executed by Sri __________________________ S/o ______________________________
R/o ____________________________ ( herein after referred to as the “ Seasonal Employee) in favour of the Nizam Deccan Sugars Limited, Mombojipalli unit, Medak. ( herein after referred to as “Company” ).

            Whereas, the Seasonal Employee is entitled for retaining allowance on reporting for duty for the ensuing crushing season.

            Whereas, the Seasonal Employee represented to the Company to pay him the retaining allowance in advance every month.
            And whereas, the company has to do so provided the seasonal employee together with two sureties bind themselves to pay back the advance retaining allowance paid to him in case the seasonal employee does not report for duty in all the coming crushing seasons.

            Therefore the seasonal employees
1)      _____________________________ S/o __________________________ R/o
2)      _____________________________ S/o __________________________ R/o (herein after referred to as “ Sureties” ) undertake and agree that in case the seasonal employee does not report for duty in the ensuing crushing season, the seasonal employee and the sureties shall severally and jointly be responsible to pay back all the advance retaining allowance that the company might pay to the seasonal employee and the Company shall be entitled to recover the same from the person and property of the seasonal employee or the Sureties or all of them.

      In witness, whereof, signs this day the ______________________
Signature of the Seasonal Employee.






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