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Sample Template Example of  Casual Employment Job Offer Letter as Seasonal Employee from Company HR Department in India in doc / word / pdf Format

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Sub: Letter of Temporary Appointment as seasonal employee – Reg.

Dear Sir,

With reference to your application and subsequent interview with us, we have pleasure in offering you the position of _____________________ on temporary seasonal appointment for the season __________ in our organization with effect from the date of joining __________on consolidated pay of Rs.__________________________(Rupees ______________________ only) per month.

You will be governed by the Standing orders and other rules and regulations of the Company that will be in force from time to time. Your appointment liable to be terminated during the above period without any notice and without assigning any reasons if your work or conduct is found unsatisfactory or your services no longer required.

You have to join to duty on or before__________ failing which this appointment will be treated as cancel. You have to produce all certificates with xerox copies about your qualifications and proof of age etc.

Your employment will be ceased automatically after completion of the crushing season for the year _______.
Please sign and return to us the duplicate copy of this letter in token of your acceptance of the above terms and condition of employment.

With best wishes

Yours faithfully

Accepted the above Terms and conditions
Authorized Signatory                                                                          

Name      :

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