Fixed Term Employment Contract

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                                                                                               Date   :

          Sub :- Offer of Contract appointment to the post of FITTER  on a fixed
                    term   Employment.
          Ref :-  1. Our offer letter dated 17.08.2014.
                    2. Your joining report dated 19.08.2014.                                             

Dear Sir,

Please refer  your joining report dated 19.08.2014, you are admitted to duty as Fitter _____________ Unit, ______ Dist on contract basis on a Fixed Term on the following Terms and Conditions.

    i)   Tenure of Appointment: 24 Months with effect from _______ to ________
   ii)   Pay :  you will be paid a consolidated amount of Rs  6500/-(Rupees Six Thousand Five Hundred only) all inclusive per Month.

  iii)   Gratuity : Not admissible during the Contract period

   iv)   Leaves   : You are eligible for leaves and holidays as per company rules.
    v)   Provident Fund :  You will be covered  under EPF and  other  statutory
laws whichever is applicable?

   vi) Your Continuation of contract appointment will be subject to satisfactory performance conduct etc., at the discretion of the management.

  vii)  Termination of Contract :   The Company  has the right to terminate  your        services by giving one month  notice in writing or by giving one  month  pay  in lieu  of notice. Though you are free to resign from the service  of the Company by giving one month notice, in writing  or by paying one month  pay in  lieu of notice the  management reserves the right not to  circumstances so warrant.

During the notice period if you are absent without proper permission your services liable to terminate without notice. Further in the event of your giving notice of resignation, the company will have the option to accept the resignation with immediate effect or at any time before the date of expiry of notice period in which case you will be paid only for the period of attendance.
 viii)   This Fixed term Contract appointment will come to end automatically on          28/08/2006.
      In case, you resign during the contract period, you are liable to refund the cost of uniform if given.


             a)  You will be liable to serve in any position or department or division in any part of India at the discretion of the Company.

             b)  During your employment, you will be  governed  by the rules and regulation of the company,  that may be in force and which may be amended altered or extended from time to time and your acceptance of this offer of contract appointment carries with it your agreement to observe all such rules and regulations.

             c)  You should intimate changes if any that have taken place or that will take place hereafter in respect of the particulars furnished by you in your application / bio-data.

        2.   If the above terms and conditions are acceptable to you, please confirm your signature as token of your acceptance and return the duplicate copy to us.

       With best wishes

       Yours faithfully
       For ROCKET SALES LTD.    

       Dr. NEETU SINGH

I agree the terms and conditions contained  in  this  contract of Employment.

                                                    Signature: ______________________

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