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Dear Sir,

          Sub: Letter of appointment – reg
          Ref:   1. Our Offer Letter Dtd.
                   2. Your Joining Report Dtd.

Please refer you joining report, you are admitted to duty and posted to work at our ______ Unit in the position of “____________” on a consolidated amount of Rs.      /- (Rupees ______________ only) all inclusive per month on the following Terms & conditions:

1.   You are also eligible to PF and Gratuity as per Company rules.
2.   You will be governed by the rules and regulations of the Company.  You are required to produce Photostat copies of the following along with their originals.

a)   Recent passport size photographs – 2
b)   Educational qualification certificates
c)   Experience certificate
d)   Proof of age / blood group / present salary
e)   Relieving order from your present employer
During the continuance of your employment with us:

a)   Your services may be transferred to any other establishment of the Organization including those that may be established in future on such terms as may be decided by the Management and you shall abide by the working hours and other rules and regulations of the office of the establishment concerned to which you may be transferred without any extra remuneration.

b)   During your employment with us you shall not engage yourself directly or indirectly with or without remuneration on a whole time or part time basis in any trade, occupation, employment or calling other than that the Company.  You shall not undertake any activities, which are contrary to or inconsistent either with the company’s interest or with your duties and obligations as an employee of our organization.  You shall devote your whole time attention to your duties to promote the interest of our organization.

c)   You shall at all times whether during your employment with the company or thereafter, observe secrecy regarding the affairs of the company and shall keep confidential all information or knowledge obtained by you regarding the company’s affairs and its manufacturing process and activities.

d)   Any improvement in process and products or any new inventions regarding the same that may be made by you shall become the exclusive property of the company and you shall do all things necessary to vest the ownership rights in the company.

e)   You shall be responsible for safekeeping and return in good condition and order of all company’s property, which may be in your use, custody or charge.

f)    You will inform us of any change in your residential address.

3.   Upon cessation of your employment you shall handover charge to a person nominated for that purpose by the company.  Settlement of your account upon your ceasing to be in the employment of the company will be made only on your duly handing over such charge.

4.   You shall be subject at all times to the rules and regulations of the division applicable to the employees as they exist or may be modified and you would not do anything detrimental to the company’s interests.

5.   Your annual increment will depend upon your performance during the year.  You may earn higher increments by outstanding performance and no increment may be given in the case of unsatisfactory performance.

6.   Your service may be terminated at any time by giving Two/Three notice (not necessarily be a calendar month) in writing by either side or one month’s pay in lieu thereof and that you shall not proceed on leave during such period.

Contrary to the clause in case of employee availing leave shall render extension of notice period proportionately.

7.   If in case you resign from the services of the company by giving two/three months notice, the company shall have the right to accept the notice forthwith and relieve you from your duties without payment for un-expired period of notice.  No notice of resignation will be effective, if it is given during the leave period and you shall not be entitled to proceed on leave during the notice period.

a)      The clauses 6 & 7 will be effective during the period of off Season and while season (October- April) is on, no remission of any sort will be given nor a Termination/Resignation shall be agreeable.  In effect either the Management/Officer shall have any right to terminate the services with the Company.

8.   If at any time, in our opinion you are found guilty of dishonesty, disobedience, negligence, indiscipline, absence from duty without permission or any other misconduct considered by us detrimental to our interest, your services are liable to terminate.

Please sign and return to us the duplicate copy of this letter in token of your acceptance of the above terms and conditions of employment.

With best wishes,

Yours faithfully,

Authorised Signatory

In token of acceptance of Letter of Appointment:


                   (                       )
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