Show Cause Notice to Employee Format

Sample Template Example of Employer / Company HR Department Show Cause Notice to Employee for Short Notice for Resignation / Absenteeism / Coming Late/ Misconduct etc in India in word / doc / pdf Free Download

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Mr. Raj Arya
14/1 N S Road, Nerul,
Mumbai – 420 201

                        Re: Your e-mail  dated  30.08.2013 giving notice  with effect from 05.09.2013 purportedly  terminating your services with the company

This draws reference your e-mail dtd. 30.08.2013 sent by you purportedly intending to terminate your services with the Company by giving notice from 05.09.2013.

 Your attention is drawn to letter / agreement of your appointment dated 02.05.2009.

 Para 3 (a) letter / agreement of appointment reads as under:

3 (a) Upon confirmation of the services, you will be treated as a permanent employee of the company, whereupon your services shall be liable to be terminated only after giving one month’s prior notice in writing or after giving one month’s salary in lieu of the same but without prejudice to any right of action, claim or demand of the company arising from any breach of non-performance of any of the covenants herein reserved.

In this connection, your attention is also drawn to para  no. 5 (c) and 6 (a) & (b) of the said letter / agreement for appointment  dtd.02.05.2009, which are re-produced below:-

5 (c)  You shall not directly or indirectly engage yourself in any other profession or vocation, either part-time or full-time during the continuance of your service under this company without any prior consent.

6 (a) You shall not, save and except in case of sudden illness, accident or some such cause beyond your reasonable control, remain away from office or absent yourself without the previous consent of the higher officers concerned.

(b) You will be granted leave, subject to the exigency of business of the company as per rules  for the time being in force in the Company.

From the contents of your e-mail dtd.30.08.2013 it becomes clear that you are joining elsewhere during the continuance of service with us without obtaining our prior approval  and completely  in disregard of the provisions of para 3 (a) & 5 (c) of the letter of appointment / agreement which is not acceptable to us. Further without obtaining our prior permission you are absenting your duties from 05.09.2013 in-complete violation of the provisions  of para  6(a) & (b) of the  letter of appointment /agreement as stated above.

Please note that unless your letter of resignation is accepted by us you are for all intents purposes under our employment and any unilateral steps taken by you will be in violation of the terms of letter of appointment /agreement.

Therefore, if you take any employment unless release by us or absent yourself without sufficient cause, the Company reserves its rights to take such action for breach of the terms of letter of appointment / agreement as warranted by law.

You are, therefore, required to report of duty immediately with sufficient cause to explain your absence.

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