Sample Account Settlement Letter Format

Free Download Example Template of Clarification email / Letter to Customer / Client / Dealer for Pending Payment & Final Account Settlement in India in word / .doc

M/s. ABC Corporation
14/1 N S Road,
Nerul – 420 120
                                    Sub: Settlement of your account
Dear sir,

We are in receipt of your letter dtd.15.09.2014 mentioning therewith cheque no 123456 dtd 15.09.2014 withdrawn from ICICI Bank And deposited into our account.

While going through details provide by you there are some discrepancies and corrected details are mentioned below:

01.     Total Outstanding                                                                                  Rs 8,94,449.00

02.     Less Credit Balance After Adjustment                                                   Rs    44,513.00
                       against Cheque No 123123 for Rs 1,47,238.00             
03.      Credit Notes for Freight credited to your account
    a)  Credit Note No 700000011 dtd 27.06.14                                      Rs    12,800.00
         Already Adjusted with 81602620 dt 28.04.14
    b)  Credit Note No 700000054 dtd 01.08.14                                      Rs    26,600.00

04.     Interest on Security Deposit:

   Interest for financial year 2012-13                                                          Rs     12,467.00
a)      Total Interest                                                                                    Rs     13,852.00
b)      Less : TDS Deduction                                                                       Rs       -1,385.00

   Interest for financial year 2013-14                                                           Rs     31,586.00
a)      Total Interest                                                                                     Rs     35,096.00
b)       Less : TDS Deduction                                                                      Rs      -3,510.00

   Interest for financial year 2014-15                                   
   Upto 15.09.2014                                                                                  Rs     28,918.00
a)      Total Interest                                                                                   Rs     32,131.00
b)      Less : TDS Deduction                                                                     Rs      -3,213.00

05.     Less Payment by 123456 dt 15.09.2014                                                Rs     59,984.00

06.     Less Security Deposit                                                                             Rs  7,00,000.00

07.     Add Interest on Over Due Payment @24%                                           Rs      16,609.00

08.     Debit Balance                                                                                     Rs       10,000.00

Final outstanding ………………………… overdue payment to you for which we request you to send cheque for Rs…………………………………………., So that no due certificate can be issued in response to your letter.

For ROCKET SALES LTD                                                                                                                                  



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