Candidate Information Form for Interview

Sample Template Example of New Employee background information disclosure format in India in word / .doc / pdf free download

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A.   Family Profile

1.  Name of Father: ______________________

2.  Father’s Occupation: ___________________

3.  Name of Mother: ______________________

4.  Mother’s Occupation: __________________

5.  Siblings:

Brothers:  ………..           Marital Status: …………………….. Work Status: …………........
Sisters: ..………..             Marital Status: ……………………… Work Status: ………………..

B.   Personal Profile:

1.    Marital Status: A. Married _________ B. Single ________ C. Divorcee_________

2.    Spouse - Working/Self employed/Housewife: ___________________________

3.    Spouse Employment Location: A. Mumbai ______   B. Out of Mumbai _______

4.    No of Kids: _________

5.    Kids Education Status: ______________________________________________

C.    Personal Identifications
1.    Driving License No: __________                    Contact Details: _____________
2.    Passport No: _______________                    Expiry Date: ________________
3.    PAN No: __________________
4.    Residential Address: ______________________________________________

D.   Health History:

1.    Age: ______      Weight: ________    Height: __________Blood Group: ______

2.    Details of the chronic dieses: _______________________________________
3.    Details of dieses which can affect the work setting: _____________________
4.    Any other material information to be disclosed: ________________________

E.    Current Organisation Profile
1.    Name: ____________________
2.    Managing Person: ___________
3.    Reporting Person: ___________
4.    Draw the organizational hierarchy in which you are working:

5.    Staff Strength: ______
6.    Reasons to leave the organisation:
A.   Financial Expectations      
B.   Technology specific knowledge enhancement
C.    Work related issues
D.   Behaviour with peers and superiors
E.    First Job
Explain and specify the reasons any of the above (A-E) or any other reason(s)

7.    Reasons for the break in service (during the career and between the jobs)
8.    Reasons to relocate Mumbai:_____________________________________________
9.    Expectations with the future employer: ___________________________________
10. Earliest Joining Period: __________
11. Reasons for the earliest joining: ____________________
12. Details of the relieving formalities with the previous employer; in case the opportunity offered in Redtray:
A.   Task to handover _________________________________________________
B.   Others _________________________________________________________

F.    Financial Details:

1.    Present Salary Package:
       (This will be verified with the documents at the time of technical interview at Mumbai)


2.    Benefits/Facilities provided by the current employer:
General Terms and Conditions for the employment

1. Agreement:          2 Year           

   Amount: Rs 50000.00 secured by 5 undated cheques of Rs 10000.00 each in favour of <Name of the Company>. In the event of breach of Agreement, employee will have to pay Rs 50000.00 to the company or otherwise the cheques will be presented in the bank.

2. Next Appraisal: <Date>

G.   Employment  and Qualification details

COMPANY relies upon the accuracy of the information contained in this application, as well as accuracy of the other data presented through the hiring process and employment. Any misinterpretations, falsifications or material omissions in any of this information or data may result in the exclusion of the individual from further considerations for employment or, if the person has been hired, termination of employment.

H.   Reference Details

1.    Direct :
a.    News Paper Information (Name of the News Paper): _____________________________

b.    Referred by others (Provide Details): _________________________________________

c.    Directly and personally approached:__________________________________________

2.    Employee Referrals of <Name of Company>: ______________________________________
(Name of the employee)

3.    Consultant (Name of the Consultant):____________________________________________

Please fill the relevant information


Name: _________________________

Signature: ______________________


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