Revival Letter Format for Bank Loan

Sample Template Example of Company's Revival Request Letter to Consortium Lead Bank to Renaissance Bank Loan & CC Limit ( Cash Credit Limit) in India in Word / .doc / Pdf

Revival Letter

The State Bank of India,
Voltas House
14/1 Nariman Point
Mumbai – 420 215

Dear Sir, 

We refer to the Working Capital Consortium Agreement dated the ……………………..entered into by us with you, as the Lead Bank and the Member Banks in respect of the Working Capital facilities granted to us and /or agreed to be granted to us by you, and the Member banks, hereinafter referred to as “the SBI Consortium “ and the charge by way of Hypothecation created by us on our Current Assets as mentioned therein to secure all sums standing at the foot of the Cash Credit Account(s) or other Account(s) with you and the Member Banks in respect of such facilities.

We do hereby confirm that all the Security Documents executed by us in favour of you and the Member Banks in respect of such Facilities are subsisting, valid and effective and are fully enforceable against us.

We do hereby acknowledge for the purpose of Section 18 of Indian Limitation Act, 1963 and in order to preclude any question being raised on limitation regarding our liability to your Bank and the Member Banks for the payment of the outstanding amounts in respect of the present as well as the future indebtedness and liabilities under the said Cash Credit Account(s) or other Account(s) together with interest, compound interest, additional interest, liquidated damages, costs, charges, expenses and other monies in terms of the said working capital consortium agreement, our liability shall remain in full force with all relative securities, agreements and obligations as mentioned therein .

For and On behalf of ( Borrower )

The  Common Seal of -------------------------------------- was hereunto affixed pursuant to the resolution of the Board of Directors passed in that behalf on ----------in the presence of --------------------------------

Signature of Guarantors. 

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