Your Payment is Overdue

Sample Template Example of Invoice Overdue Letter with Legal Warning Notice / Demand for payment to customer against old outstanding in word / .doc format

RSL: SECT:14-15/
June 21, 2014

M/s ABC Corporation
No.q92, North Car Street
Navi Mumbai – 420 123

Dear Sirs,
Sub: Outstanding Dues

On a review of our outstanding list of debtors it is seen that a sum of Rs.37,645/- (Rupees Thirty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Forty Five Only) against Invoice No. 1234431 dated 19.03.12 is due and payable by you towards supply of Shakti HR Coils by us.

Inspite of repeated requests and reminders for payment of our outstanding dues, no steps for clearing the dues seem to have been taken from your end. We, therefore request you to please pay the outstanding dues at the earliest. In case you feel that any part of the outstanding is disputed, you can sit with our representatives to reconcile the accounts and thereafter the disputed outstandings can be amicably settled.

However you will appreciate that being a limited company we are accountable to our shareholders and other stakeholders for the undisputed amounts outstanding beyond the agreed terms against our supplies.

In such circumstances we will be reluctantly compelled to take recourse to legal steps for realising the outstanding dues much to the disliking of both the parties and which directly or indirectly affects badly the reputation and goodwill and credibility of the purchaser in the market and its business activities.

Looking forward to your reply and thanking you in anticipation

Yours faithfully,




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