Walk in Interview Process

HR Business Tutorial Guide on Walk in Interview Procedure, Definition, Types & Perquisites of Walk in interview in word / doc

Walk in interview

Walk in Interview is of Two Types:-

1. Sharp:-

In this type of Walk in interview a particular Time is been Decided and at that time the interview process will start.
e.g.:- 10.00sharp, thus the interview will start sharp at 10.30am

2. From to:-

In this type of Walk in interview, a time slot is been decided and accordingly interviews are been taken
e.g.:- 10.00-6.00pm. Thus the interviews will be taken as and when the candidate comes between 10.00-6.00pm
Procedure of Sharp (Walk in interview)

Perquisites before a Walk in interview:-

1. Date, Time and Venue of Interview Should be fixed.
2. Availability of Panel Members Should be checked.
3. All the required Equipments from Admin Department (Projector, Stationary).
4. Mass Mailing& Job posting should be done.

  •          Mass mail template should Include the following:-
  •          Company details:-
  •          Job Details:-Job Description, Experience, location
  •          Interview details:- Rounds of interview, Day, Date, time Venue & Point of Contact
  •          Documents to be carried:- Photos, Certificates
5. Company Presentation should be prepared.
6. Interview Assessment Sheets should be prepared.
7. Questions for Written test should be prepared.

Actual interview Process:-

  •         Once all the candidate have came at particular Sharp time, A Presentation is been given to them.
  •         This presentation includes:- Introduction of the Person, Company profile (Objective, Vision, Mission, Projects, Achievements) in brief & Job Profile
  •         After the presentation a Written test is been conducted (This Written test is been taken when there are huge amount of Candidates, so with the help of this test evaluation can be done)
  •         Candidates who have cleared Written test, Technical round is been taken by the Technical Team.
  •         Candidates, who have cleared technical Round, will go for the HR round.
  •         Once the HR round is cleared, Candidate are been given with the offered Letters.
  •         To give Offer letters on the very same day or next day depends upon company to company.

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