Sports Offer Letter

Sample Template Example of offer letter for trainee in sports quota in India in word / .doc Format

Mr. ***** ************,                                                                                                                     14/05/2014
Kolavari Nagar,
Kandivali (West),


Dear Mr. *****,

Welcome to (company’s name in short say e.g. TATA STEEL) Family.

The management is pleased to offer you the following offer of employment on behalf of (company’s name in full e.g. TATA STEEL). The offer is based on your application form dated **/**/**** and the inspiring interview you had with us later on the same day.

You are designated as “Trainee” in the **** division of our organization based at Mumbai H.Q.

On joining, you will be eligible to play the Career Game in our organization.

Level 1: Training:
For efficient results, this level is to be played for 6 months, which is subject to extension depending on your performance. Along with other participants, you will play this game at Mumbai H.Q. You can quit playing by giving 24 hours notice to the gaming authorities. Similarly, unsatisfactory performance on your part authorizes the gaming authorities to disqualify you by giving similar notice.

Level 2: Probation:
This level can be played on successful completion of previous level. Again to maintain efficiency and consistency, this level extends to 6 months. Your bonus points and money will be as per gaming Annexure enclosed. On field gaming expenses will be reimbursed according to maximum limit specified by us in Annexure “***” attached.

Level 3: Confirmation.
This level can be played only on satisfactory performance and score earned by you in previous level.

Level 4: Achieving Work Objectives.
Progressive levels are based on the basis you perform level 4. Continuous and   timely efforts will be needed to achieve variant objectives you come across in Level 4.

To play the game, you are required to register yourself with us, by completing the following formalities with your ***/***:

  • P.F Nomination Form in 2 sets.
  • ESIC Declaration Form to be filled and submitted along with joint postcard size photographs with your family.
  • Xerox copy of PAN Card or PAN Application Form duly filled.

Completion of these formalities will allow processing of your appointment letter, which acts as an entry pass for the game.

We would expect you to join in the game as early as possible and confirm your acceptance of our gaming offer, but not later than 25th May, 2014 beyond which, you will be automatically be disqualified from the game, unless a new date is agreed to, by us in writing.

Please return the enclosed copy duly signed as a token of your acceptance and interest in the game and its rules as stated.

We trust that your knowledge, skills and experience will be among our most valuable asset. We assure you of our support for your professional development and growth which will be indicated by your Game Score.

Yours faithfully




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