Job Transfer Letter Format

Sample Template Example of Internal Temporary Job Transfer official Letter from employer to employee / to another company in word / .doc / pdf format

1st April’14

Mr. Ravi Kundu
GM – Purchase
Rocket Sales Ltd

Subject: Temporary Job transfer

Dear Ravi,

I am writing you this letter to inform you that you will be temporarily transferred to a new job location, which will give you a different responsibility. This is in line with our reorganization resulting from the need of a project.

As this is a temporary transfer, you would be joining us back at the completion of this project (or the date decided). The organization provides maximum opportunities to employees so that they utilize & enhance their talent at maximum. You will be now reporting to the ______ and this will be effective ___date__.

Everything remains the same as to compensation and benefits and we assure you that your respective managers will be with you in case you need some help on your new job.

Please see me at my office anytime today to discuss on some important matters.
I hope that you will continue to perform excellently in this new challenge. We will always be here to assist you. If you have concerns or any questions regarding this matter please contact me or any of the concerned managers. I am looking forward to seeing you working in that new department.

Best Regards,

Neetu Singh
President – HRD
Rocket Sales Ltd


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