Employee Identity Number ( EIN )

How to create Employee ID No Lookup Format Sequence in India ( Numero Eleven Method )

Its a very interesting Article on Numero Eleven Method. Most of us are working professionals & have some Unique Employee Id No. Have you ever thought that how these numbers have arrived? Here you can get one of the most common method used by MNCs for defining their employee code.

The Numero Eleven Method for Employee ID

Numero Eleven Method is used in creating and maintaining Employee ID numbers in order to maintain the sequence in a unique way.

This method is derived from the fact that a 3 digit number when divided by number ‘11’ leaves a reminder which is less than eleven.

Each of the reminders from ‘0’ to ‘10’ is given a predetermined alphabet code that is frozen as a master template.  The Master Template is given below; This is an example and remember that the alphabet number should be such that it cannot be mistaken for any other alphabet. For example “O” can be mistaken for “Q”.

0    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10
A   E   J    K   M   P   S   T    W  X    Z

For example: Serial number 101 if divided by 11 leaves a reminder of 2. Now as per the above template the Employee id would be 101-J.

In this method a number once allotted to an employee remains frozen even after he leaves the company.

Download Information on Numero Eleven Method


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