Bank Guarantee Sample Letter Format

Template Example of Request Letter to Bank ( SBI, ICICI, PNB, HSBC, HDFC etc) for Bank Guarantee (BG) Release / Renewal / Cancellation / Extension in word / doc Format


The Manager
IDBI Bank Ltd.
44, Shakespeare Sarani
Post Bag No. 16102
Kolkata - 700017

Dear Sir

Sub: Request Letter For Issuance Bank Guarantee.

Foreign Bank Guarantee Inland Bank Guarantee.

Nature of Bank Guarantee: Performance Advance Financial Bid- Bond

Name & Address Of Applicant

A/C No & Name Of Base branch for payment

BG  Amount

Name& Address Of Beneficiary

Effective Date Of Bank Guarantee.

Date of Expiry

Claim Expiry Date

Name, Address & SWIFT code of Correspondent bank

We request you to issue Bank Guarantee against above mentioned details and we providing to following undertakings:- (tick out whichever is applicable)
we confirm that our transaction is genuine.

we undertake to pay all charges claimed by foreign bank.

we undertake to indemnify you against any loss / damages/ claim under this bank guarantee.

we undertake to submit you the tax declaration (APDIR56) & Form A-2 for remittance of charges of foreign bank.

Issuing bank is not liable for change in language/ mistake  made by correspondent bank.

For _____________                         For ________________                                                                                   
Authorised Signatory                                 Authorised Signatory 


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