Sample Non Acceptance Letter Format

Template Example of Non acceptance of documents under letter of credit (LC) to Client/ Customer / Vendor / Bank in word/ .doc

May 09, 2013

M/s Indian Petrochemicals
14/1 Nariman Point
Mumbai – 420 021

Dear Sirs,

Reg : Non Acceptance of documents drawn under LC No 123LC123
          dt. 09.03.2013 for Rs. 2459653/- issued by SBI BANK in your favour.
          ( P.O 78/123 with amendment No. 4 dt. 10/02/2013)

We are to inform you that the bills drawn by you under above LC with two bill of exchanges, on receipt from your banker, SBI bank have presented the same to us for our acceptance.

We have repeatedly requested you to draw bills as per terms of LC opened in your favour. On receipt of discrepant documents we thereafter also requested you for resubmission of the correct documents in terms of LC, which you have never taken care.

Since you have not resubmitted fresh correct documents, and documents retained with us in anticipation of resubmission of fresh documents, on due date under compelling circumstances we had to give instruction to our bank for payment of bills received pertaining to  LC Nos.123LC123 & 123LC124  despite our non-acceptance for discrepancy in documents.

As onus of raising correct documents as per terms of LC rest on you, please note that we have returned above discrepant documents raised by you against our LC No. 123LCU123. Please find enclosed SBI advices showing discrepancies for your ready information.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Encl : As above.

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