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RSL/ GP/ 2013-14/001
1st April 2013

Vice President (Purchase)
Green Ply
14/1 Nariman Point
Mumbai – 420 125

ULTRA-BOND is an additive to adhesive or binder used in plywood manufacture to conserve resin and improve the performance of the adhesive. The principal function of an ULTRA-BOND is to facilitate the most effective spread of active glue solids on the wood.

ULTRA-BOND is a ready to use extender, made with an extract of starch, protein & some others specialty chemicals, which is required for making MR grade plywood, block board & flush doors.

ULTRA-BOND is a special glue extender milled expressly as the protein-starch adhesive extender for the wood panel (plywood) industry. It is a proprietary product (from a trade secret process) developed with the technical contributions of plywood manufacturing experts, adhesive scientist and cereal chemists. 


Physical Appearance: Whitish Brown
Ash Content : 0.12%
Moisture Content: 0.15 %
Acidity : 7.8

ULTRA-BOND’s primary purpose is reducing the adhesive costs while also providing some adhesive properties. At times they can also alter other properties, such as increasing the tack of the adhesive

Advantages :

  1. Free-Flow fine mesh as per I.S.I. recommendation.
  2. Very easy to mix with Liquid Resin.
  3. An Excellent Extender for making MR grade Ply, Block Board & Flush Door.
  4. Single material as an extender with an extra adhesive property.
  5. Enhances coverage and reduces glue- line-cost.
  6. Makes the glue as a good gap-filling agent & hence give better gloss to the material.
  7. Minimize repairing of the panels.
  8. Maintain the pot life of glue.
  9. Prevents pre-curing.
  10. Less prone to termite & borer.

Technically, the advantages of using these resin extenders are summarized as follows:

  • Up to 40% savings on binder cost
  • Special grades for all types of resins and composite boards
  • No change in board production and properties
  • No additional investment needed
  • Tailor-made according to customer needs and raw materials.

Glue Formulation:-

Liquid UF Resin : 150Kg (B4 F/T: 12-15Sec)
Liquor Ammonia : As per requirement
Hardener : As Per requirement

Mixing Process:

Take 1/3 rd Liquid resin with 3-5 kg of ULTRA-BOND & required quantity of liquor ammonia in the glue mixer, mix the solution for 10-15mins to get a homogeneous paste. Add rest of the liquid resin and required quantity of hardener. Mix it for another 4mins.

Packing : 20 kg PP woven Sacks.

Storage : 

Store ULTRA-BOND in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Heat and moisture will cause powder to harden, hence becoming useless.

In cases where there is leftover powder in a bag, secure bags; avoid exposure of powder to the environment. ULTRA-BOND should remain usable for up to one year. Material should be stored in dry & cool place

Yours faithfully,



Notice: Information on this publication is based on the best of our knowledge. However, since conditions under which our product may be used are beyond our control, recommendations are made without warranty or guarantee.

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