Insurance Policy Transfer Letter

Sample Template Example of Request Letter to Insurance Company / Bank for Transfer of Life / Car Insurance Policy from one branch to another branch in India in word / .doc format

Neetu Singh
14/1 N S Road
Pritam Pura
New Delhi – 102 121
MOB: -----------------

To                                                                                                                               Dt. 14.05.2013
The Branch Manager,
Life Insurance Corporation of India Ltd

Dear Sir,

Sub: Transfer of my Policy to Mumbai.
Ref : Particulars of Policy
a)     Policy No.
b)     Table No.
c)      Amount
d)     Terms of policy.

I am to inform you that I was in a Bank before my retirement on 31.10.2009.

As my service was transferable, My service was transferred time to time and when I was transferred to New Delhi, during my stay at New Delhi, for saving of Tax & for my future savings I bought above policy from you and paid regular premium in time as per terms of the Policy.

As I have retired and permanently residing in my native place i.e. Mumbai I request you to transfer the same policy to Mumbai urgently for my convenience. As a support of proof I enclose my voters ID showing MUMBAI as my native place and permanent address.

Enclosed please find Xerox copy of said LICI policy for your convenience.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,


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