Clarification Request Letter

Sample Template Example of Clarification Inquiry Letter Format to Transporter for excess charges deducted in word / .doc in India

RSL/ EFPL / 2013-14/ 009
5th Oct’ 2013

M/s Express Freight Pvt. Ltd.
16th Floor, Silver Enclave Towers
123, Kotla High Road
Mumbai – 420 231
Ph – 022 - ------------

Attn : Mr Sunil Jain
Dear Sir,

While going through your Invoice No.EF/SIC/13-14/189 dtd.06.06.13 for Rs.1,60,812/-, we observed the following are not in line with our Purchase Order :

1.       Sl. No. (1) – EDI fee for Rs.78/- - No supporting.
2.      Sl. No. (3) – Do extension charges for Rs.40,424/- – No supporting.
3.      Sl. No. (4) DD Commission for Rs.123/- – No supporting
4.      Sl. No. (5) – CFS charges for Rs.36,108/- – No supporting
5.      Sl. No. (6) – DD commission for Rs. 108/- – No supporting
6.   Sl. No. (11) – Transportation charges for Rs.40,000/- - Our Purchase Order is @ Rs.2500/- per container whereas you have charged @ Rs.4000/- per container and hence the same is not acceptable.

Likewise please refer your Invoice No.EF/SIC/13-14/131 dtd.30.05.13 vide Sl.No.9 – Transportation charges for Rs.40,000/- -The transportation charges mentioned in your above Invoice No. is not in accordance with our Purchase Order and hence is not acceptable.

Please give us supporting and necessary clarification to enable us to pass your bill.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


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