Power of Attorney for Authorised Signatory

Sample Template Example Format of Power of Attorney Authorization Letter for Customs Clearance / Bank Signatory with person’s specimen signatory copy in word /.doc in India


The Commissioner of Customs, 

Custom House, 

Dear Sir, 

We, Rocket Sales Limited Ltd. and having its Registered Office at Village Khapoli, P.O. & Dist. Navi Mumbai Pin-420 125 (Maharashtra) have the honour to inform you that we have authorized 1) Mr Anil Jain S/o Mr Sunil Jain, 2) Mr Ravi Roy S/o Late Kavi Rao and 3) Mr Kishore Pandey S/o Chulbul Pandey. 

1. To sign customs documents such as Bills of Entry, Shipping Bills etc. 
2. To sign manifests, Refund Orders and Draw back Bills. 
3. To receive Money or grant receipts. 
4. To execute Bonds or guarantees and 
5. To sign Invoice, Packing Lists, G.R. Forms and all documents relating to purpose of Shipping consignments. 

The specimen signature of Mr Anil Jain, Mr Ravi Roy & Mr Kishore Pandey duly attested appended below. 

We undertake to acknowledge the signature as those of our company for all connection with the aforesaid transactions and to accept any liability incurred under the same transactions and in fact been signed by our company. 

We declare that the above Mr Anil Jain, Mr Ravi Roy and Mr Kishore Pandey are authorized by us and not a retired Custom House Employees not convicted by any case under any Law. 

For Rocket Sales Ltd. 

Managing Director 
Specimen Signature of -                                                                              Witness :

1. Mr Anil Jain :                                                                                             1.

2. Mr Ravi Roy

3. Mr Kishore Pandey                                                                                   2.

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