Credit Card Complaint Letter

Sample Templates Example of Complaint Letter Format for incorrect / wrong charges deducted under credit card by Banks ( HDFC, ICICI, AXIS, SBI, IDBI, HSBC etc) in India in word/ .doc

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                                                                                                        18TH day of March 2013
Credit  Cards
20, Banjara Hills. P.O.
Hyderabad  500034

Dear Sir,

Ref  My Credit Card no 10000000001

I am in receipt of Credit Card statement dt 11.03.2013, in which you have shown following transactions which are not related to me :

Date                            Transaction Details                        Amount(Rs)                Nature

04.03.2006               EMI Interest                                 73.62                         Dr
04.03.2006               EMI Principal                               689.64                        Dr
05.03.2006               Service Tax                                        7.51                        Dr
08.03.2006               Late Payment Fees                     300.00                        Dr
08.03.2006               Service Tax                                     30.60                        Dr
10.03.2006                Interest charges                            56.89                         Dr
10.03.2006                Service Tax                                      5.80                        Dr

Please refer my earlier letter dated 18.01.2013 in this regards, I had categorically mentioned that  I am not interested in any insurance coveraged from ICICI Lombart Still you are charging my account with installments of the same.

I further discussed this matter with Mr Ahmed on 19.02.13 on telephone (request no 100001) He also informed me that  amounts charged in this regard shall be reversed and in future no such amount shall be debited to my account.

But this is to my utter surprise when I received statement dated 11.03.2013 instead of reversing debits of statement dated 11.02.13, you have debited my account by fresh amount.

I once again request you to kindly reverse all debit which are not related to me immediately under intimation to me other wise treat this letter of mine As surrender of my credit card.

You shall appreciate that organisation of your stature should reply to my letter which you have not given to me so far to my earlier letter.

I am waiting for your early reply on the above matter.

Thanking You

Yours Faithfully

Neetu Singh

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