Debit Note in LC

Sample Template Example of Debit Note Covering Letter in LC to supplier for bad quality of material supplied in word/.doc Format

January 21, 2014

M/s Janco Singapore Pte Ltd.
14/1, Jenifer Place
No.14-05 Asian Plaza
Singapore – 048662           

Attn : Mr Jaoya Lakeda, (Manager – Wood Products Section)

Dear Sirs,

Sub : Debit Notes for bad quality of HMR-Ply board

This is with reference to our several e-mails to your Mr Amit Jain on subject matter followed by discussion your Mr Tajime Lamanyu and team had with us on 17.12.13 in Mumbai and thereafter site visit at Khapoli, Navi Mumbai by Mr Amit Jain.

Since this material is not HMR grade Ply Board and no client is willing to buy it, you are hereby requested to please arrange and lift the stock from our godown at the earliest. However, we are agreeable to assist you in disposing of these materials in India.

We are enclosing herewith our Debit Notes towards costs & expenses incurred by us, as detailed below:

Debit Note No. RSL:DEBIT-NOTE:2013-14/012 dtd.19.01.14 for USD 38,775.94 -
(Towards supply of 60.87 CBM of poor quality of HMR-Ply Board against our
P.O.No.79000000014 dtd.20.04.13, L/C No.50084475FLC0005 dtd.02.05.13 of SBI, your Invoice No.GL-PLY-087/13 dtd.28.06.13 for USD 20695.80, B/L No.DKJD07050145 dtd.28.06.13)

Debit Note No. RSLL:DEBIT-NOTE:2013-14/012 dtd.19.01.14 for USD 38,775.94 -
(Towards supply of 35.508 CBM of poor quality of HMR-Ply Board against our
P.O.No.79000000015 dtd.20.04.13, L/C No. 50084475FLC0006 dtd.02.05.13 of SBI, your Invoice No.GL-PLY-088/13 dtd.28.06.13 for USD 12072.72, B/L No. DKCHE07050150 dtd.28.06.13)

You are hereby requested to make the payment of our above Debit Notes and settle our claim at the earliest. The payment may please be remitted to our Bank A/c, as detailed below :

State Bank of India
Voltas House, 14/1 Nariman Point Mumbai – 420 121
CC A/c No. ----------------------
IFC Code No. --------------------
SWIFT Code: --------------------

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Vice President

Encl. As above

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