Cash Discount Letter

Sample Template Example of Cash Discount on Bill offer Letter to Company / Customer from Transporter in India in word/ doc Format

April 30, 2014

M/s Rocket Sales Ltd.
Plaza Building, 15th Floor
8/4 Nariman Point
Mumbai – 420 123
Attn : Mr Neetu Singh
Dear Sirs,

Sub : Transportation of your finished goods

This is further reference to our agreement No. RSL/TCI/11-12/1797 dtd.28.06.11 and our subsequent discussion regarding payment terms. We hereby confirm that if you make payment within 48 hours from the date of despatch from your factory at Khapoli (Maharashtra) to various destinations all over India, we will allow you 6% cash discount on submission of bills. You can deduct 6% from our bills itself.

Within one month, we will submit acknowledgement copy of the Consignment Note alongwith full receipt of the material in good condition against which we have received payment after deduction of cash discount. If there is any damage or shortage in transit, we will also give you necessary Damage / Shortage Certificate along with Consignment Note to lodge claim for shortage/damage with your underwriters.

If we fail to submit Consignment Note / Damage Certificate for the consignment in time against which we have taken payment after deduction of cash discount @ 6%, you can hold payment of our bills equivalent to freight of those consignments in next month.

Except what is stated above, the other terms and conditions of our agreement dtd.28.06.11 remain unchanged.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
For Transport Corporation of India

Anuj Jain


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