Sales Promoter Job Description

Sample Sales Promoter Retail Agency Service Agreement Covering offer Letter with Terms & Condition and Roles & Responsibility of a SP in India in word/ .doc format

May 13, 2013

Mr. Anil Rao
14/1 Khetan Road
Shop No 140, Jaloja Market
Mumbai – 445 512

Dear Mr Rao,

This bears reference to the discussion the undersigned had with you on May 13, 2013.

As discussed, please find attached the terms & conditions of Sales Promoter (SP)

In case of any query, please feel free to revert.

Thanking You!

Yours truly,
For Rocket Sales Ltd

Neetu Singh
GM – Commercials

Encl. As above

Terms & conditions of Sales Promoter

1. You will be working as a Sales Promoter for Mumbai and Pune. You will be responsible for sales both for Dealer and Institution segments.

2. Sales Targets will be fixed up for the year and reviewed quarterly. You will maintain adequate Sales / Liaising staff.
3. Sales Commission is 2.5% per month on the Net Sales (excluding CST / VAT ) after collection of payment & tax forms.

4. Security Deposit (SD) will be Rs. 40.00 lacs. 10% interest will be paid annually on S.D.

5. Orders from Dealers shall be as per the Company price list and terms & conditions. In case of non-payment, after 60 days, SP shall be liable for the same.

6. Offers to Institution should be made after due approval of company only. In case of delay in payments by 60 days, more than agreed credit days, SP shall be liable for the same.

7. SP will collect and be responsible for all Sales Tax concessional forms/ Tax declaration forms as applicable from the purchasing parties against Company’s bill raised.
8. The Sales Promoter will maintain proper coordination with Authorized Transporters and Company Officers for smooth working.


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