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New Form 16 / 16A in Excel / Doc Document Format with PDF Converter from NSDL for ay 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15 in India 

AS per the Indian Government Income Tax Rules TDS / Income tax should be deducted at source ( Company which is making Payment ) against following cases:-

1) Interest on securities
2) Dividends
3) Interest other than 'interest on securities'
4) Winnings from lottery or crossword puzzle
5) Winnings from horse race
6) Payments to contractors and sub-contractors
7) Insurance commission
8) Payments to non-resident sportsmen / sports associations
9) Payments in respect of deposits under National Savings Scheme
10) Payments on account of repurchase of units by Mutual Fund or Unit Trust of India
11) Commission, remuneration or prize on sale of lottery tickets
12) Commission or brokerage
13) Rent
14) Fees for professional or technical services
15) Royalty and any sum under section 28(va)
16) Income in respect of units;payment of compensation on acquisition of certain immovable property
17) Other sums under section 195
18) Income in respect of units of non-residents referred to in section 196A
19) Income from units referred to in section 196B;income from foreign currency bonds or shares of an Indian company referred to in section 196C
20) Income of Foreign Institutional Investors from securities referred to in section 196D] etc.

In these payments company has to make payment after deducting TDS @10% ( If PAN No of the party is available), @20% ( If PAN No of the party is not available) Or as per Declaration given by the party ( i.e. For Mizoram Party no TDS deduction is required). The amount deducted as TDS  is deposited to government by the company.

At the end of Financial year the company has to issue a Certificate of TDS Deduction ( Form 16 / 16A) to the party. Against the receipt of this Form 16 / 16A the party adjusts its Total Income tax payable liability with the amount deducted in Form 16 /16A. 

There are many free online word to pdf converter websites where you can convert your Form 16 A word File into pdf format. I have upload a Fully Filled Sample Form 16A Format in word. You can download it from here & edit the fields in blue colour  as per your requirement. 


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