Complaint Letter Damaged Consignment

Sample Template Example of Complaint Letter to Transporter for Damage goods due to mishandling in word/ .doc Format

December 1, 2013

ABC Road Transport Pvt. Ltd.
Mahadev Ghat Chowk
Ring Road No.6
Raipur – 492 010
Dear Sirs,

This is with reference to your Bill No.1095 dtgd.29.10.13 and Bill No.1128 dtd.22.11.13. In Bill No.1095, driver of the truck No.HR41P1452 has not submitted the duplicate for transporter copy of the invoice No.2296 dtd.16.10.13 on the basis of which party shall claim modvat benefit from the Excise Dept. 

Again in Bill No.1128 dtd.22.11.13, 87 pcs of material against your Consignment Note No.800375 and our Challan No.40471, has been delivered in totally damaged condition to M/s J K Steel Ltd., Delhi as Plastic Dana was loaded with laminated materials. We cannot understand why these materials had been loaded ? It seems that overload materials are being despatched to our Delhi branch. Damage Certificate No.1726 has been submitted alongwith this bill for these damaged materials but the same is incomplete as nothing is mentioned in the description of loss column.

You are requested to please instruct your person concerned not to load any other materials with our consignments. Needless to mention that the above mentioned 2 bills remain unpassed with us till your reply is received.

Apart from, we have informed you earlier regarding the endorsement of transshipment at the back side of the consignment note as well as on the back side of the duplicate for transporter copy of the invoice and send you the format. But we are getting regular complaint from our branches that this procedure is not followed.

The same is also verified from the receipted Consignment Notes submitted with us alongwith your freight bills.

You are, therefore, requested to look into the matter and do the needful.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


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