Commission Agent Agreement Format

Sample Template Form Example for Sales Commission Agreement Contact Letter between manufacturer and commission agent in India in word/ .doc/ .pdf

31st March, 2014

MUMBAI – 457 458
Kind Attn : Mr Anil Singh
Dear Sirs,

With  reference  to  our  discussion we  are  appointing  you  as Commission  Agent in Navi Mumbai in the State of Maharashtra for the marketing of the Company's product 40mm Standard Shakti HRC ( Hot rolled Coils) on the following terms and conditions:

01.  You  will  be responsible  for  receiving, warehousing,  safe storage, selling, despatching of our product.

02. You shall arrange for an office space at suitable place with telephone facility and provide for at least five tables there for the authorised representatives of the company.

03.You  shall  keep and maintain all the  registers,  books  of accounts, challans, vouchers, receipts, advices,  invoices/bills and  all other records, papers and documents whatever as may  be required by the Company from time to time.

04.You will collect orders on behalf of the company at the rates, terms and conditions   given  to  you   by   our   authorised representative  and requisition for the same must be sent by you to our Mumbai Office.

05.  You shall receive the said goods from the carriers after proper instruction, checking and verification. You shall take delivery of the said goods only after obtaining required certificate from carriers and inform the company. If any loss, shortage, damage or deterioration of the goods is found with required certificate / approval, you shall be liable to bear the loss., Godown space will be provided by the Company.

06.If the goods or any part thereof are  destroyed,  damaged  or deteriorated  due to any mishap, accident or other  reason  while the  same are stored in the godown, you should inform the  company and  the Insurer concerned about the event followed by confirmatory letter.

07. You shall be fully responsible for proper and safe  handling, carrying and storage of the  goods and shall keep safe custody of the  same on behalf of the Company till the period the said  goods remain under your charge.

08. You shall make delivery of goods to buyer as per  instruction of  our  authorised  representative and  shall  prepare  required delivery/despatch  challans,  sale invoices, advices  for  and  on behalf  of the Company and send the same to  the  dealers/buyers concerned  alongwith other required documents either directly  or through  Company's  authorised representative  and/or  banks  for collection and will take all necessary steps in this connection.

09.  You shall take special care to see that required Sales  tax, octroi  and other levies, if any, are duly charged in  every  sale invoices   in  all  cases  of  registered   and/or   unregistered dealers/parties  and  arrange  to  obtain  necessary  sales   tax declaration forms in advance from dealers/parties.

10. You shall collect the payment for materials supplied by way of Bank Draft Payable at Mumbai. Payment collected by way of DD must be sent immediately either to our Branch Office at Mumbai or at our H O at Delhi. In case of any delay/negligence on your part, you will be liable to pay interest @24% p.a.

11. Any loading, unloading and delivery charges for receiving and delivering the materials to the parties will be borne  by you.  You should follow each and every instruction /advice given by the Company's authorised representative.

12.  Any expenses mentioned other than above like telephone expenses, your staff cost, etc. will be borne by you.

13. You shall maintain utmost secrecy of the Company's  business and shall promptly disclose to the company all and every  material information and particulars relating to the said business to  keep the company well posted about the event and/or dealings.

14.  You  shall  maintain all necessary  records  and  documents required  for  Sales  Tax purpose. You should  send  all  challans, Invoices  and all other documents as required by the Company  from time  to time  every week i.e. every Monday for preceding week  to Company's Mumbai Office.

15.  You shall be paid commission @2% (One Percent) on sale value before  sales tax  on  account  of  services rendered by  you  subject  to  Tax Deduction at Source.

16. The payment of commission will be made to you on quarterly basis by way of RTGS / DD / Cheque.

17. The above  agreement  will  be  effective  from  01.04.2014   to 31.03.2015.

18.  Any party can terminate the Agreement with Prior Notice of one month.

19.  Any dispute arising out of or  in  connection  with  this agreement shall be subject to jurisdiction of City of Delhi.

Please sign the duplicate copy of this agreement as acceptance.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully,



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