General Power of Attorney for Property

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KNOW ALL BY THESE PRESENTS that we, M/S. ROCKET SALES LTD., a company within the meaning of the Companies Act, 1956, having its Registered Office at premises No. 14/1 Kali Road, India Gate New Delhi – 125 212, represented by its Director, Shri Shivji Singh, S/o Late Narayan Singh, hereinafter referred to as the PRINCIPAL, do hereby send GREETINGS.

WHEREAS the Executant has purchased and/or intend to purchase and/or agreed to purchase some properties in Dist. Khapoli, Maharashtra hereinafter referred to as the properties.

AND WHEREAS due to preoccupation of the directors and for one reason or other it is not possible for the Principal company and/or its directors to go to Maharashtra for Purchasing the properties and to do necessary formalities for the same and as such we do hereby nominate constitute and appoint Ms NEETU SINGH, aged about 24 years daughter of Sri Shivji Singh, residing at Village- Khapoli, Dist- Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra as our true and lawful attorney in our name and on our behalf to do execute and perform all or any of the following acts deeds or things that is to say:-

1. To attend to the purchase of dry lands in different villages in Khapoli, sign all papers, necessary for getting registration of the deeds of purchase/ sale, sign all papers, applications, affidavits etc., required for smooth purchase of dry land and also for mutation of the said lands. 

2. To take effective possession of the lands purchased, along with standing trees, timber etc.

3. To file returns etc., wherever necessary to concerned revenue and other authorities.
4. To engage and appoint, labour, workers etc to tend and protect the existing constructions. To make new constructions etc. to pay their wages salaries etc., file returns to concerned authorities. 

5. To manage and protect the lands, trees, buildings etc. to pay land revenue, taxes etc. and obtain receipts and keep proper accounts and render the same to the company.

6. To appear in offices of the Government, Banks, financing agencies, sign and present applications, affidavits, claims complaints, lodge reports with police, make claims and sign applications for the same, receive monies and pass proper receipts.

7. To appear in courts and file suits, appeals, petitions, applications affidavits, claims etc., sign all such papers, engage Advocates and sign Vakalatnamas and pay expenses and fees, for protection of the lands, plantations, buildings and other properties lying on the lands.

8. To receive monies from courts, office and other bodies and pass valid receipts etc.

9. To do all other acts, deeds and things to open Bank account/ accounts and operate them on behalf of the company, draw monies by cheques etc., and make deposits and to keep proper account and render such account from time to time.

10. To manage the landed properties and protect them and to all other acts, deeds and things for the above purposes.

11. To sign and execute the Deed of Sale(s) and to pay the consideration money and/or the balance consideration money, if any, in respect of the various properties and for that purpose to sign and execute all such papers, forms agreements, deeds of conveyances and documents in my/our name and on my/our behalf as purchaser thereof as may be deemed expedient by my/our said Attorney.

12. To present any documents, conveyance or conveyances for registration either executed by me/us or by me/our said Attorney and to admit execution thereof and payment of consideration before the District Registrar, Sub-Registrar or Registrar having authority for and to have the said Deed registered in my/our favour as purchaser thereof and to do all acts, deeds, and things which my said Attorney shall consider necessary for getting the said property transferred in my/our favour as purchaser, fully and effectually in all respect as I /We could do the same myself /ourselves.

13. AND GENERALLY to do all other acts, deeds matters and things in respect of the said property as my/our said attorney shall think fit and proper which I/ We could have personally done lawfully, if present personally. 

14. AND I/We ratify and confirm and agree to ratify and confirm and all acts, deeds, matters and things which my/our said attorney shall lawfully do or execute or cause to be done or executed by virtue of this Power of Attorney as if I/ we were personally present even notwithstanding the fact that no special power in this behalf is contained in these presents.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I/We, the Executant(s) abovenamed have hereto put my signature on this                            day of                     , 2013.


by the Executant at New Delhi in the

Presence of :



Signature of the Executants 

Signature of Attorney/Attorneys 

DATED THIS              DAY OF                  2013 






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